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Chinese Chicken Salad Cups

Have you ever worried about attending a social gathering because you feared there might not be anything on the menu you could eat? This can be a big concern for anyone with diabetes, but with these Chinese Chicken Salad Cups that never has to be a concern again. This simple recipe allows you to bring a delicious appetizer to any party that you can enjoy carefree. The high fiber content of the flatbread ‘bowls’ along with the addition of the chicken and vegetables will help to keep your blood sugar levels in check while squashing hunger and cravings.

This recipe is so fun, and so fun to make for a shower, or a luncheon, or even an outdoor potluck. Flatbread cups filled with a crunchy, zesty chicken salad; everything is edible so there’s no waste. Dig out your old muffin tins and bake up some of these flatbread masterpieces today. The sky is the limit with flatbread. Brought to you by the talented Lori Yates of the blog Foxes Love Lemons. Thanks, Lori!

By: Lori Yates, Foxes Love Lemons

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Sacramento: Caviar Flatbread Pizza Bites

Sacramento, we made a sophisticated, savvy appetizer pizza just for your city. We take our wholegrain flatbread and cook it crispy, then load it up with smoked salmon, your gorgeous caviar, and all the trimmings. These little pizza bites are elegant and easy to make for an impromptu get together. Just add some California sparkling wine, and you’ve got one memorable party!

An elegant flatbread recipe inspired by the city of Sacramento, using caviar, smoked salmon, and all the trimmings. Great for brunch, a romantic dinner, or any fancy occasion! The recipe, and many more great entertaining ideas, can be found here:

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Lomo Salteado Sandwich

Enriqueta Lemoine of the blog Savoir Faire makes these traditional steak sandwiches on a grill pan with great success! The flatbread tasted great when grilled too. Make this for the steak and pepper lover in your life, and you’ll make someone very happy. Thanks, Enriqueta!

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Almond Mango Foldit

Three years ago, I moved back to my hometown to be closer to family, and I have to tell you, it’s been a tough adjustment. The city I moved from was slower paced and more affordable, and even though it’s sort of thrilling living in a much bigger city, it can get, well, a little overwhelming when you have to change your car registration over, or guard your parking spot after a snowstorm, or drive for at least thirty minutes to get anywhere. SIgh.

One of the great things about where I live, though, is that I can find almost any kind of exotic food or produce right down the block. Dried chorizo? No problemo! White anchovies? Quicker than you can say “fish!” And all these ingredients within walking distance makes my life more fun, for sure. This ups my flatbread game quite a bit.

In fact, one of the weirdest phenomenons come springtime is the city fruit truck vendors that park on the busy streets and sell bushels and boxes of fresh fruit out of their trucks on the sidewalk. They always have pretty great prices (I get to know my favorites) and they usually first appear in their traditional spots when the first daffodils bloom. They sell mangoes, watermelons, berries, bananas, plums, and pineapples as long as they can until the fall, then poof! They disappear for the winter.

Mangoes are the best from these vendors. I choose the Atalufo mangoes, the golden oblong ones (also known as champagne mangoes) that are pure heaven to eat. If the mango is really good, I have been known to eat the skin, too. This flatbread recipe is a little snack I whip up when the mangoes are in their peak, and plentiful. Don’t blame me if you become addicted to this tropical flatbread Foldit made with a spoonful of almond butter and a wedge or two of mango, some coconut, cinnamon, and lime. It’s easy, beautiful, healthy, and most of all, delicious.

Amy at Flatout

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Hot & Spicy California Club

When you like it smooth, but a little spicy at the same time, try this winner of a flatbread sandwich, made in the traditional club style, but with a little twist: your favorite hot sauce kicks it into wild gear. There are about as many different hot sauces out there as there are recipes for sandwiches, that’s a fact. And if you are a hot sauce lover, and your friends know it, chances are pretty great that you have quite the collection of curated bottles from which to choose. So grab your favorite and mix it up in a little mayo for this flatbread sandwich, made with the Flatout Foldit of your choice.

We went double turkey on this flatbread and used a healthy crispy turkey bacon, which is lower in fat yet big on flavor. Do you want a garlicky sauce? Or a smoky one, full of chipotle chiles? Or maybe one with a vinegar kick in addition to heat? The avocado and the tomato slices you layer in will cool things down if you go too far, in all your excitement. The flatbread will keep it all together; Foldits are easy to travel with, and they are a delicious and low calorie whole grain sandwich bread that completely satisfies.

We don’t mind a walk on the wild side every now and then, as long as that wild side includes hot sauce! Try this flatbread today; and go ahead and make it hot and spicy. Your mouth will be glad you went did.

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