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Spring Lamb Burger

If you like hamburgers, then I bet you’ll love lamb burgers! Ground lamb is so flavorful, and spring really is the perfect time to enjoy it, wrapped up in a Foldit flatbread fresh off the grill.

I had a partial jar of artichokes sitting around from a double batch of spinach artichoke dip with flatbread chips, as well as some ground lamb in the freezer from the CSA I belong to, so when dinner was looming, it wasn’t hard to know what to do. Artichokes lend a nice acidity to this flatbread burger recipe, which complements the richness of the burger and feta cheese.

I love buying my meat from a CSA, which is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers get money from individuals early in the growing season, when they’re likely to most need it, and then get shares of the harvest later on throughout the year. In this case, we get a half a lamb in various cuts, from chops to ground meat, that we can use for our meals. Most CSA programs are a win-win for so many reasons!

I’m planting a vegetable garden in a city garden plot this year, and in addition to that, we’re trying to get more meat and dairy from farmers and small, local growers. In the city, this takes a bit of planning, but once you start digging around, it’s pretty amazing to find out who else around you is growing things. Even the university close to us has beehives on the roof of one of their buildings, in an effort to support the bees. Our neighbors across the street have three bee hives as well, and harvest honey on a regular basis, so all we have to do is bring over an empty jar when we run short. If we lived in a more rural area, this might be pretty typical, but in the city we feel super lucky to have local honey.

Anyways, whether or not you are brave enough to buy a whole lamb for all its edible parts, ground lamb is still a delicious buy no matter where you get it. Hopefully you love artichokes (and feta) as much as I do and you’ll make this classic combination this week!

-Amy at Flatout

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Almond Butter, Apricot, Cheddar melt

Bouncing back from what seems like two (no, make it three, I almost forgot about Halloween,) months of desserts can be super, duper hard to get out of alive. And by alive, I mean and still fitting into your unforgiving blue jeans. All that sweet stuff, all those cakes and cookies and egg nog and cocoas and glasses of champagne and Bailey’s really adds up so quickly, and you just get used to eating dessert every day. Come January, when it’s time to commit to a weight loss and exercise resolution, I find that it’s hardest to break my dependency on all that extra sugar I ate from October on…

Cold turkey is definitely an option, and, from my informal research, after about three weeks, it’s supposed to “not be that bad.” O.M.G. Three weeks?!? I prefer to ease into my sugar restriction over the course of the next month. Let’s go easy on ourselves, shall we?

I read somewhere that almond butter assists with sugar cravings, so I’ve come up with a flatbread recipe that I can make for breakfast or a snack that can help curb that crazy feeling I get when I simply must have something sweet. Flatbread provides the wholegrain carbs, a tiny bit of apricot preserves adds something sweet, and sharp cheddar is a nice, melty counterbalance to everything else. Make one for breakfast, or make one for you and a friend to share for a teatime snack. Here’s hoping!

-Amy at Flatout

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Egg White Frittata Sandwich

Eggs, like bananas, are almost perfect foods, and I don’t like to mess with them too much by changing them or subtracting from them. An egg yolk is actually extremely beneficial in our diet, but if you, like so many of us this month, are cutting calories, (or just happen to have been blessed with a ton of extra egg whites, merci beaucoup, crème brûlé) then this egg white frittata is just the thing to make for a filling, lower calorie, protein-packed breakfast.

The great news is that this little flatbread recipe comes together in under five minutes, so even when you’re in a rush, you have no excuses not to make this. And you’ll be less tempted to grab a sugar or fat filled thing on the way to work. Seriously, have you seen the nutritional information in some of those coffee shop and chain bakery’s breakfast items? Goodbye, New Year’s resolutions, and for what? A single mini-quiche no bigger than a toddler’s palm? We are made of stronger stuff than that! This frittata recipe upends calorie-rich, expensive breakfasts and keeps you from getting the munchies at 10:30 am.

In the time it takes to chop up some spinach (and herbs, if you got ‘em) grease up a ramekin, and crack open a couple eggs, you will have a healthy breakfast you made yourself, and better yet, you’re one day closer to your weight goals without feeling skimped. Healthy diets are about what we do every day for the rest of our lives, not just what we do for a couple weeks to fit into that dress. This flatbread sandwich will help with that, every time you make it!

-Amy at Flatout

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Mini Club Sandwich

My dad and I used to go out for lunch every once in awhile, and when we did, nine times out of ten, we’d split a club sandwich at a diner or other lunch place. Kid’s menus were hard to come by in those days, and I wasn’t big enough to eat my own entrée, so it worked out perfectly. Sharing that lunch at an early age taught me the inordinate pleasure of sharing food with someone you love. If my big brothers were with me, we couldn’t split anything; they’d eat everything on the table anyways, so when it was just us, it felt extra special. Plus my dad would eat my crusts, so it was a win-win.

My better half and I share a lot of food when we dine out. Actually, that sounds like we order the menu and have at it like cattle once it gets to the table. Rather, we share food frequently when we dine out. (Much better!) Not only does it cut way down on calories, but we save a bit of scratch by sharing, as well. When we stay at home and prepare food together, we end up sharing each other’s meals, too. If, for example, we bake flatbreads with our own toppings, we will trade bites back and forth to see whose flatbread is better. It’s fun, and a little competitive, I’ll admit.

This flatbread sandwich, however, is made for just one person. A miniature, quick version of the club sandwich that you can make and enjoy all by yourself. No big bothers, I mean brothers, to steal it off your plate. You know what I mean. Sometimes the circumstances require you to eat a meal all to yourself, and this little flatbread sammy does just that. No sharing allowed. Heat up some soup while you’re making it, play some solitaire while you’re eating it, and call your dad when you’re finished. Just to say “hi!”

-Amy at Flatout

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Spicy Chicken Sandwich

We all have our dark little secrets. Our inner desires, lurking just underneath the surface. The shame we feel when these secrets are uncovered is undeniable, but it’s so hard keeping them hidden, that it wears one out, and we become weak. Sometimes, we must give in to them before they overtake us and we fall headlong into a bottomless pit of destructive passion, never to return.

Or, we just hide the car keys, walk into the kitchen and start recreating a healthier flatbread version of the fast food spicy chicken sandwich that haunts us. Because that’s my dark little secret: the S.C.S. (What did you think I was talking about? Sheesh. This is a flatbread site, people!) And I think I did pretty well, if I do say so myself. The new and improved “S.C.F.” is a winner. It has crunch, spice, creaminess, and more.

With flatbread, there’s endless possibilities to create and recreate, invent and reinvent, all your favorite bad-for-you foods into something better for you, and, in the process, make up some new delicious recipes along the way. And that, my friends, is more satisfying than any fast food sandwich could ever be. If you are haunted by a guilty food pleasure, I challenge you to flatbread-ize it, make it at home, and see if you can’t do better than a chain. I bet you can.

Good luck!

-Amy at Flatout

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In a Hurry Croque Madame

You could be shoving a piece of leftover pizza in your face while you stand at the kitchen counter, flipping through that mail order catalog, or you could be making this delightful little flatbread sandwich, whipping up a tossed green salad, and actually sitting down to a proper lunch or dinner, in very little time. Maybe even with a glass of wine.

Slowing down, taking time to chew and digest, bonding with your loved ones after a rushed day, is overall better for your health and digestion. While it’s tempting to grab and go, especially when you’re solo for the day, you owe it to yourself to sit at the table and take some time to eat, even if it’s a casual meal like this knife and fork sandwich, based on the classic French staple, the Croque Madame.

Served in French bistros since 1910 as a quick snack, the name is based on the verb croquer, which means “to bite.” So get ready to take a bite of this flatbread masterpiece!

There’s a Croque Monsieur, which is a dressed up ham and cheese sandwich, also, but the Madame version is all of that and a runny yolk fried egg on top. In some traditional versions, there’s a bechamel sauce poured over the whole affair, but my version omits it, because, well, we are in a hurry. And the flatbread is so good it doesn’t need the sauce, in my opinion. The egg yolk is just fine.

A french Chablis works wonders with this sandwich, as does a light, pub style beer. And, of course, a simple green salad in a vinaigrette, commes les français. Now isn’t that better than cold pizza while standing? Oui.

-Amy at Flatout

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Classic Lamb Burger with Olives and Feta

At Flatout, I’m lucky because we all love “the other red meat” here, so much, it’s easy to get inspired and share lamb recipes. Lamb has an earthiness that just hits all my favorite flavor buttons, so it’s the first meat I’d choose for any “ce-lamb-ration” or holiday.

Years ago, when I bought my first house, I was young and naive. It was too much house for me, a complete broken down, turn of the century fixer upper of a house, but I was in love with its bones, its giant pocket doors that slid inside the walls (almost the only things that worked!) and most of all, its huge backyard. Living in the middle of a city made having a backyard pretty rare, so a big one was almost unheard of.

Well, let’s just say that my new backyard got broken in pretty quickly when I started working on the house. There were times when I needed the space to store lumber or materials or contractors, and there were times when I couldn’t cook in the kitchen for all the construction. (There were also times when I had no bathroom, but that’s another post altogether. Let’s just say that yard came in handy.) Come dinnertime, I’d have a friend or two over and we’d grill a lamb shoulder steak over a grate on the fire pit we’d uncovered under all the brush. After a day of manual labor, it, along with the cheap red wine, was the best meal I’d ever had. Lamb somehow always reminds me of campfires and friends, ever since. The good memories are better than the ones without plumbing!

Flatbread lends itself so well to the Mediterranean diet, as does lamb meat and all the flavors in this burger recipe, you should probably make at least two of these babies, one for you, and one for your plumber.

-Amy at Flatout

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Mulita de Asada

This Tijuana street food classic is, as Ruby Wright describes it in her blog GUBlife, not quite a taco and not quite a quesadilla, but somewhere in the middle and just as delicious. We’re happy to bring the recipe to our flatbread chefs. Grab some Foldits and try them this weekend. Thanks, Ruby!

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