Hot & Spicy California Club

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When you like it smooth, but a little spicy at the same time, try this winner of a flatbread sandwich, made in the traditional club style, but with a little twist: your favorite hot sauce kicks it into wild gear. There are about as many different hot sauces out there as there are recipes for sandwiches, that’s a fact. And if you are a hot sauce lover, and your friends know it, chances are pretty great that you have quite the collection of curated bottles from which to choose. So grab your favorite and mix it up in a little mayo for this flatbread sandwich, made with the Flatout Foldit of your choice.

We went double turkey on this flatbread and used a healthy crispy turkey bacon, which is lower in fat yet big on flavor. Do you want a garlicky sauce? Or a smoky one, full of chipotle chiles? Or maybe one with a vinegar kick in addition to heat? The avocado and the tomato slices you layer in will cool things down if you go too far, in all your excitement. The flatbread will keep it all together; Foldits are easy to travel with, and they are a delicious and low calorie whole grain sandwich bread that completely satisfies.

We don’t mind a walk on the wild side every now and then, as long as that wild side includes hot sauce! Try this flatbread today; and go ahead and make it hot and spicy. Your mouth will be glad you went did.

Hot & Spicy California Club


  • 1 Flatout Foldit® Artisan Flatbread
  • 2 ounces deli turkey
  • 2 slices reduced sodium turkey bacon
  • 1/8 avocado
  • 1 green lettuce leaf
  • 2 slices tomato
  • 1 tablespoon low fat spicy mayonnaise


Layer lettuce, tomato and turkey breast on one half of Hungry Girl Foldit. Top with avocado, turkey bacon and mayonnaise. Fold in half.

Suggested Flatout: Foldit® - 5 Grain Flax

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