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Tuscan Kale Salad with Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Nutritious kale is accented with tangy feta, salty parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh grape tomatoes, cannellini beans, red onion, basil, and roasted red peppers. Plus a simple balsamic dressing!

This Tuscan Kale Salad is absolutely loaded with healthy goodies and great Tuscan-inspired flavors! So incredibly delicious, you won’t even notice how healthy it is. Seriously!

But you know what made this salad truly great, what absolutely put it over the top?

The addition of crunchy, toasted Flatout croutons!

We like to use a Light Italian Herb Flatout to make our croutons, since it’s already got Italian flavors baked right in – the perfect complement to the other Tuscan flavors in our salad.

The flatbread croutons are so easy to make! You start by using a sharp knife or (even easier!) a pizza wheel, to cut your Flatout into approximately 1/2″ squares – the perfect size for this chopped salad.

Then just toast ‘em up in a skillet and let them cool until serving. Mmmmmm … they start to smell so good as they get all golden and toasty! You can really smell the Italian spices in the Flatout! Bonus: you can even make these croutons ahead!

This salad is so simple, yet so jam-crammed with great flavors and nutrition … and, of course, great textures, with that wonderful flatbread crunch! Enjoy!

This recipe was originally published by Two Healthy Kitchens at Shared with permission.

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Savory Snack Mix

We make this tasty baked snack mix on a regular basis, using chickpeas, herbs, spices, a hint of parmesan cheese, and ProteinUp flatbread for a midday nosh.
Make Extra! Double the recipe to prep extra snacks for the week. Just make sure to store in an airtight container. Thanks, Amy!

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Picnic Wrap

Few things are better than a well made spinach salad, especially one loaded with chicken, sweet strawberries, pecans, and goat cheese. This flatbread wrap has that in spades, plus it’s easy to eat almost anywhere, from car seats to checkered blankets.

Is it a salad? Is it a sandwich? The perfect picnic food may, in fact, be somewhere in-between, thanks to flatbread. Our video gets to the heart of the matter:

If you love eating outdoors, you’ll #FlatoutLove this picnic wrap!

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Southwest Veggie Wrap

Super talented blogger, cook, and curler David Dial shares one of his favorite flatbread recipes with us, using roasted spiced sweet potato as the star of the flatbread show. He’s a really active guy with a ton of great recipes to share. Flatout recently asked David a bunch of questions about his favorite winter pastime, curling.

Read about his adventures on his own blog, Spiced. Thanks, David, for this beautiful veggie packed recipe!

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Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Wrap

There are a few things I think we, as humans, take for granted living in the modern world. Just a couple, off the top of my head: plumbing. Let that one sink in (pun intended!) a moment. This is a big one, right? Where would we be without plumbing and especially sewers? Not very clean, and not very happy, that much I know.

Another one is a little different: the roasted grocery store chicken. The humble bird, freshly roasted just for you, waiting in his little plastic box under the orange lights? We didn’t have that even 30 years ago! Seriously, my mom would buy us TV dinners when she didn’t have time to cook, and those things, as gross as they were in their little molten foil compartments, were considered awesome. A TV dinner “dessert” was a fruit cobbler of some sort, gelatinous and inedible. But a roasted bird is a veritable feast by comparison, just waiting for you to bring it home and pick it apart (wing tips first, then maybe a drumstick) and turn it into mind blowing flatbread recipes. Thank goodness for roasted chicken.

I will buy a whole roasted chicken at the store, just so that I can make this flatbread wrap, I love it that much. I think some of you may know my passion for olives, tapenade, and Mediterranean flavors in general, so this flatbread wrap hits all the right buttons for me. If you’re lucky enough to have leftover tapenade from this recipe, (link to tapenade recipe in same group) then making this wrap is a no-brainer.

If you’re really counting every point and calorie, fat-free mayo works week in this recipe, too, because we’re adding the robust tapenade. Be sure not to skimp on the arugula and the sun dried tomatoes, though, in order to get all your veggies in. And while you eat it, be thankful that you live in a world with roasted chickens and plumbing. Well, you really don’t have to think about plumbing while eating…just chicken.

-Amy at Flatout

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Tofu Banh Mi Wrap

If the Earl of Sandwich had even an inkling that, many years later, across the globe, somewhere in French-colonized Vietnam the sandwich to beat all sandwiches was to be born, he would jump in a time machine and travel just to eat a banh mi, a beautiful, near perfect sandwich made with warm French baguette, pâté and other meat, chili peppers, pickled vegetables, and cilantro. He would probably never leave, either, finding the climate more agreeable and the sandwich so delicious.

But then, because everyone knows that you just cannot mess with time, he’d ruin everything somehow with his presence/influence and the banh mi would probably not be the ultimate sandwich that it most definitely is.

I probably have at least five pounds of frozen baguette crumbs in my car crevices from eating these sandwiches while driving, unable to wait to get home to scarf up a freshly made masterpiece. Unfortunately, I probably have (at least) five extra pounds on my person as well from eating so many, too.

In an effort to slim down, last week I hacked the banh mi, by making it vegetarian, and using a lower calorie flatbread wrap to contain all the bright, fresh flavors. I think it worked! A spicy mayo, not unheard of in a traditional banh mi, adds a kick, as do the very thin slices of jalapeño chili. The tofu adds some much needed protein, and the vegetables are there for crunch, crunch, and more crunch. Quickly pickling all the veggies in brine makes everything sing with flavor. The flatbread holds it all together, and makes it a fabulous meal.

Thanks for nothing, Earl! I got this one right here.

-Amy at Flatout

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Liverwurst Wrap

I’m not going to defend my love of liverwurst here, mostly because we are all adults and if we like something, we like it, and if we don’t, we probably know it already, and we usually avoid it. So if you’re still reading, you probably like liverwurst (almost) as much as I do. We are in the Flatbread Liverwurst Love Zone, now, from here on out.

I fell in love with liverwurst at a very tender young age, when my parents would take me to the butcher for cold cuts and meats. Yes, we went to a butcher for our meat, a bakery for our bread, a produce place for our fruit and vegetables, and a regular grocery store for everything else, like coffee and plastic bags. Sounds fancy or unusual, but that’s how it was, everyone did it. My mom would bring home paper wrapped packages of freshly sliced meat and arrange them in a Tupperware container to store in the refrigerator (not an icebox, I’m not that old!) and we would use it all to make our lunches.

The butcher shop, still in business to this day, is hands down one of my favorite places in the whole world. First of all, the smell when you walk into the shop is intoxicating, especially if they’re smoking meat that day. Giant enamel and glass meat cases filled with goose, sausages, bratwurst, smoked and fresh. Huge paintings of cows and sheep in pastoral settings hanging on the wall, Swiss cow bells draped here and there. Everything is still wrapped in paper by men and women who know the trade, their cuts, and how things are made. It’s pure heaven.

They make their own liverwurst, smoked and fresh, so whenever I visit, I make sure to have them make me a liverwurst sandwich on rye with yellow mustard. Simple and delicious. If you like pâté, you’ll love this fresh liverwurst.

This flatbread wrap uses the sausage like you would a fine pâté, with all the trimmings: pickles, wholegrain mustard, and onion. It’s a totally satisfying lunch, all wrapped up in the flatbread of your choice. In a word: yum.


-Amy at Flatout

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Lamb Meatball Wrap with Grapes and Minted Yogurt

Meatballs are so versatile and they’re the perfect party food: easy to make, easy to cook, easy to serve, and easy to eat. My grandmother could make meatballs for a hundred in just a couple hours, or so she claimed, but she held her family recipe for party meatballs guarded closely, only passing down the recipe to her immediate family. I will tell you her secret sauce recipe though, mostly because you’ll never ever believe it: equal parts grape jelly and yellow mustard, heated. For real. You could make my grandmother’s famous sauce using ingredients you’d find in a school cafeteria. When I found out, I was floored. So much for secret ingredients!

Anyways, our family loves a good meatball, and I bet yours does too. Why don’t you switch it up and make a gently spiced lamb meatball for your next flatbread wrap? They cook up great in batches, so make enough to share. If I know they’re going into a flatbread, I make longer, oval shaped patties instead of the ball shape, because I find that they’re easier to eat in a wrap sandwich.

The savory mint and garlicky yogurt sauce makes this flatbread wrap shine with clean, fresh flavors. The grapes add some sweetness and texture, and the arugula is in there because a) it’s spicy and b) good for you, much better for you than regular old lettuce. Wild greens like rocket and dandelion greens have mountains more nutritional value than almost any other lettuce, fun fact. And my grandmother would approve of that.

-Amy at Flatout

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Black Bean Spinach Quesadilla

Made with a flatbread and just five ingredients, RD Mitzi Dulan’s black bean and spinach quesadilla doesn’t get any easier or faster than this! Black beans and spinach are the perfect combo in this simple and delicious flatbread quesadilla. Grab your ingredients, and let’s go! Thanks, Mitzi!

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