Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Wrap

mediterranean chicken wrap

There are a few things I think we, as humans, take for granted living in the modern world. Just a couple, off the top of my head: plumbing. Let that one sink in (pun intended!) a moment. This is a big one, right? Where would we be without plumbing and especially sewers? Not very clean, and not very happy, that much I know.

Another one is a little different: the roasted grocery store chicken. The humble bird, freshly roasted just for you, waiting in his little plastic box under the orange lights? We didn’t have that even 30 years ago! Seriously, my mom would buy us TV dinners when she didn’t have time to cook, and those things, as gross as they were in their little molten foil compartments, were considered awesome. A TV dinner “dessert” was a fruit cobbler of some sort, gelatinous and inedible. But a roasted bird is a veritable feast by comparison, just waiting for you to bring it home and pick it apart (wing tips first, then maybe a drumstick) and turn it into mind blowing flatbread recipes. Thank goodness for roasted chicken.

I will buy a whole roasted chicken at the store, just so that I can make this flatbread wrap, I love it that much. I think some of you may know my passion for olives, tapenade, and Mediterranean flavors in general, so this flatbread wrap hits all the right buttons for me. If you’re lucky enough to have leftover tapenade from this recipe, (link to tapenade recipe in same group) then making this wrap is a no-brainer.

If you’re really counting every point and calorie, fat-free mayo works week in this recipe, too, because we’re adding the robust tapenade. Be sure not to skimp on the arugula and the sun dried tomatoes, though, in order to get all your veggies in. And while you eat it, be thankful that you live in a world with roasted chickens and plumbing. Well, you really don’t have to think about plumbing while eating…just chicken.

-Amy at Flatout

Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Wrap


  • 1 Flatout flatbread
  • 4-6 ounces of roasted chicken, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon olive tapenade
  • 3 sun dried tomatoes
  • 1 handful fresh arugula
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


Make the mayonnaise by mixing the olive tapenade into the mayonnaise and let the flavors meld. Season with pepper, and salt, if desired. To assemble the flatbread wrap, beginning at rounded end of the flatbread, arrange chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and arugula. Top with olive mayonnaise, roll up, and cut in half.

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  1. Karen Holliday February 14, 2017 at 3:04 am #

    Can the wrap be heated before filling and rolling up?

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