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Cranberry Turkey Wrap

I suppose it’s good, motherly advice to avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry. But what if (like me) you’re always thinking about food? And what if (like me) you’re always planning a dinner or party, even if it’s only imaginary? Seriously, I have dishes that I’m saving just for the right luncheon! Somewhere in my stash is a fabulous little set of porcelain fish shaped dishes that would look perfect filled with a cold seafood salad. I guess I’m just that kind of girl, when it comes to dinner parties, always dreaming up the perfect something in the future. (And a little bit of a tableware hoarder, too.)

But back to the grocery shopping. Even if I’m not famished, I’m always at least a little peckish, so we tend to have a healthy grocery bill. After all, you never know who might pop in for a visit. And in November, with turkey season, I tend to go big and go home, never one or the other. I buy the biggest turkey I can find and so we can feed everyone and then some come Thanksgiving. A big turkey is a good plan that almost never backfires in the leftovers department. Guests love being able to take home some bird without cooking one themselves, and there’s still enough for you and yours for a few days of turkey flatbread wraps, turkey enchiladas, and turkey tacos.

Turkey is lean protein and quite good for you, and this flatbread recipe uses the best of the dinner leftovers to make a simple but tasty wrap. I made one just last year using a slice of brie from the appetizer tray, a spoonful of cranberry relish, some shredded turkey, and salad greens, well, because you should. The greens fill the flatbread out nicely and (if you have arugula) give a nice spicy boost to all the other ingredients.

So whether you are in charge of hosting, or simply want a whole bird for yourself when you get home for all the wonderful leftovers that can be had, grab some flatbread and keep your calories in check while you’re eating delicious food. And try not to hit the grocery store on an empty stomach, like my momma always said.

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Tahini Lamb Wrap

My college friend Carol got me hooked on lamb, which, as I write this, makes lamb sound like some sort of illicit substance. I guess it was, to me, who at that point in my life had only tasted overcooked lamb roast at Easter: big grey slabs covered in bright green mint jelly, in order to make the bites more palatable. (Which reminds me that I should make a flatbread wrap with mint jelly, just as some sort of nostalgic challenge.)

At Carol’s, she made lamb right. It was juicy and rare, mouthwateringly good. Mint jelly didn’t touch the stuff, but cumin did, and coriander, and chilis, garlic, and lemon juice. She used unusual, less expensive cuts too, not just fancy lamb chops. We would roast lamb shoulder whole or in slices like big steaks on the grill. She would braise shanks in wine with preserved lemon until the meat fell off the bone, begging to be eaten. We’d mop up the drippings with flatbread. During that time, lamb became my favorite protein.

And it still is! If I’m feeling flush, I’ll find a CSA or a farmer who is selling lamb at the right time in the season and splurge on a whole one. Farm raised lamb is about as good as it gets. The first time I ever did this, I met the farmer in an empty parking lot on a Saturday morning, my pocket full of cash, and his trunk full of a couple brown cardboard boxes with all those wonderful cuts inside, wrapped up. It felt like a covert operation, which is in keeping with the whole theme.

Maybe you already know how great a roasted leg of lamb can be, and maybe there are occasions when you have a little leftover roast or shoulder and you need that lamb fix. This flatbread recipe makes your lamb shine with tahini and orange juice, tomatoes, and some sharp feta. One bite and you’ll be hooked. Just don’t blame Carol, blame me!

-Amy at Flatout

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Turkey 2.0 Wrap

My family honors and reveres the Turkey at Thanksgiving, and we will often go to great lengths to protect it. You may already know that we tend to buy the biggest bird around, no matter the size of the party, because it’s fun to make meals with all the leftovers. Thanks goodness for flatbread!

One Thanksgiving when I was a kid, My Aunt Ethie came for dinner. She was my mom’s older sister, and was this little tiny woman who brought her Schnauzer everywhere with her. The house was full of people, kids, and dogs, which was totally normal for us. As we were eating, the dogs all found their spots on the floor and settled in, patiently waiting for any little morsel that might drop.

Our big old sheepdog Maggie had taken up residence closest to the table, snoring peacefully by the end of dinner. All of a sudden, after dinner, Ethie got out of her chair, grabbed the turkey platter with both hands, and started for the kitchen. She didn’t make it very far, though, because Maggie was right behind her, still sleeping. Ethie began to fall ever so gently, almost in slow motion, backwards over the dog, holding the turkey platter perfectly upright, until she was sitting on the dog, who had unwittingly cushioned both my aunt and the turkey.

Our family watched all this happen with wide eyes. There wasn’t anything we could do until she landed. It all happened so gracefully that it almost looked intentional. There she was, on the floor, turkey in tact, her legs draped over a giant dog. We got her up soon enough and poured her another glass of wine to soothe her ego. No harm, no fowl!

This flatbread wrap is a fresh, clean, veggie packed meal tailor made for turkey leftovers. The hoisin mayo packs a nice little salty umami punch. Try it today if you’ve got some leftover turkey or rotisserie chicken. Just watch what’s behind you, when you get up from the table!

-Amy at Flatout

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Chimi Pizza

This Dominican inspired recipe uses sausage, crisp cabbage, and a tomato mayo for ultimate lunch or dinner bliss. Definitely not the same, old, same old. Brought to you by the talented Vanessa Mota, of the blog Smart Little Cookie. Thanks, Vanessa!
Easy Chimi Pizza

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Grilled Zucchini Flatbread with Goat Cheese and Rosemary

Yield: 2 flatbreads

Originally published by Two Healthy Kitchens on Shared with permission.

Such incredible flavor from a few simple ingredients! (And also a brilliant way to use up that bounty of late-summer zucchini and summer squash!)

The crisp, cracker-like Flatout flatbread “crust” is a delicious counterpoint to the soft, creamy goat cheese and the succulent, smoky grilled zucchini, yellow squash and onion. Rosemary goes hand-in-hand with grilled summer veggies, so it’s the perfect flourish to make these flatbreads truly special.

A bonus in using Flatout flatbread is that there are so many varieties that involve whole grains, lots of fiber, and boatloads of protein. Stealthy nutrition. Gotta love it.

These flatbreads are a perfect appetizer or first course for a late-summer backyard party, but they also make a truly special light lunch or vegetarian dinner, paired with a nice salad and some sweet summer fruit.

It’s easy to crank out extras, too, so you can expand the recipe to feed more people (if you find a crowd gathering ’round your grill as passersby catch an irresistible whiff of what you’re cooking)!

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Autumn Salad Flatout Bowls

Did you know that sweet potatoes, when eaten with the skins on, are healthy and delicious? Yep, they are! You can eat them every day.

This hearty salad has all the right stuff to get you through the short, chilly fall days. Wild rice, roasted sweet potatoes, apples, dried cranberries, and tender mushrooms come together in a wholegrain flatbread bowl for a lunch that is anything but boring. Easy to make, delicious to eat. That’s what we’re about at Flatout.

Autumn Salad Flatout Bowls 

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Boston: Clam Chowder Flatbread Pizza

Hiya, Boston! We made a flatbread pizza just for you, using fresh clams, loads of garlic and parsley, a creamy white sauce, and some fresh lemon zest to keep the flavors bright. This one’s for the clam lovers, no two ways about it. With Flatout flatbread, any city can have its own pizza

Fresh east coast clams are the stars of the show on this Boston-inspired flatbread pizza. We #FlatoutLove this flatbread recipe! Get the details, and so many more delicious recipes, here:

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Quinoa Veggie Boats

Rini Desai of The Healing Tomato uses flatbread dimensionally and fills it with a beautiful and healthy medley of cooked yucca root, quinoa, back beans and vegetables for a complete protein packed meal. Just bake the flatbread boats over a bread pants make their shape, and then follow her recipe for the filling. A healthy quinoa bowl of you and yours! Thanks, Rini!

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