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Hand Dipped Ice Cream Cones

These flatbread cones are as sweet as it gets, and easy to make with a little advance notice. Baked flatbread dipped in chocolate and then covered in nuts, candy bits, and sprinkles: it’s the perfect thing to hold your ice cream. Go ahead, splurge a little with your favorite flavor, or try a scoop of Enlightened Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Crunch, at only 100 calories a serving. Flatout Light Original flatbreads keep the calories low without sacrificing flavor. Indulgent and healthy? That, my friends, is a sweet deal! We just had to make a video to show you how fun it is:

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Egg Wrap with Kale and Chorizo

In January, there aren’t any farmers markets to rely on (at least in my freezing cold neck of the woods-remind me why I don’t live in sunny California again?) but thanks to modern day transport technology, we can still usually find what we need at the grocery store. While it’s true that I can find strawberries and blueberries even in the dead of winter, what I tend to gravitate toward is the seasonal stuff: citrus, dark leafy greens, squashes, and root vegetables. They just sort of taste better, don’t they? Winter berries aren’t all that great.

One of the most revered or reviled of the dark leafy greens is kale. Entire wars could be fought over kale. People either love it or hate it; rarely is someone neutral on the subject. Take note: no matter which camp you fall into, you’ll still love this flatbread recipe, thanks to the chorizo; absolutely nobody hates chorizo!

All kale does better with a bit of fat. If I’m making a kale salad, it has a better texture and is received more warmly by my better half if the dressing is massaged into the greens for a few minutes, giving the fat time to break down and soften all that roughage. This is precisely why chorizo and kale are such well-suited partners. After all, you’re being so nice by eating your greens, you can afford to be a little naughty, too…’s all about balance.

So go ahead and sneak some good-for-you, good-for-them kale into this chorizo and egg breakfast flatbread. If you chop it up finely enough, you can always say it’s spinach… lips are sealed.

-Amy at Flatout

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Indoor S’mores Pizza

Everyone is talking about adulting, these days, and how hard it is to be responsible as an adult. I don’t know about all that, but I can tell you that mostly, it’s great to be a kid. This flatbread dessert with convince you of that.

For example, I consider s’mores to be one of my favorite desserts in the whole world. They have everything: chocolate, caramelized sugar, ooey gooey-ness, and crunch. I’m not alone in this belief, either; every kid in the world who has ever tasted one thinks the same thing.

My better half’s little boy was introduced to his first s’more when he was almost four. We were at the beach and built a big bonfire (he loved fires, like every adventurous little kid) and stashed all the ingredients safely in a tin to keep them as sand-free as possible. If that’s even possible, especially with a rambunctious four year old.

We had gone hunting for sticks earlier in the day, so we were ready, as soon as the fire was big enough. Armed with a stick and a marshmallow, Sam looked at us wide-eyed as he was told to stick the marshmallow carefully in the fire. (What?! I get to actually burn something??)

After a few tries (and quite a few burned or sacrificed marshmallows) we got the perfect s’more sandwiched between the chocolate and the crackers. In the glow of the sunset, that kid’s sticky, smiling face told us just what he was thinking. Yes. More. Now.

If you ever find yourself craving the perfect beachy, summertime dessert, you can make these flatbread s’mores from the safety and warmth of your very own kitchen. We dust flatbread with cinnamon and sugar (not sand) and bake it crisp, and, well, you know the rest. You don’t have to adult tonight. Tonight, just be a kid.

-Amy at Flatout

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Caponata Flatbread

There’s something so alluring about the nightshade vegetables, especially eggplant. As a youngster in the restaurant industry, I had first heard of the term ‘nightshade’ from a couple of eccentric guests I used to wait on regularly. They were both on these highly specific diets, diets that were designed for them by, and I’m not kidding here, a blind psychic living in New York, whom they had never actually met. They shelled out a lot of moolah for phone consultations, and they were told that they were no longer able to eat any nightshades. This included mushrooms, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes, so, in other words, they would come to my fancy restaurant and tended to get chicken or fish on a plate. You hear a lot of things in the restaurant business, and it’s very true that eventually, if you’re in it long enough, nothing surprises you. Nothing. Nothing at all.

But, if your diet says that you can eat all the nightshades you’d like, and if you love love love eggplant, (and happen to have an afternoon to kill,) I highly recommend making your own caponata. While it’s indeed a labor of love frying up all that eggplant in batches, the end result is nothing short of magical.

Caponata is a Sicilian appetizer, similar to ratatouille. Think of it as a salad served warm, but a salad that is completely, absolutely addictive. Stewed tomatoes, celery, olives, capers, and fried cubes of eggplant all work together perfectly and pair beautifully with flatbread.

Make a batch of it, and use it to bake this inspired flatbread pizza, that really lets the caponata shine. If you’re cruising through an Italian deli, though, and you see a nice looking jar of prepared caponata, then throw it into your cart and you’re more than halfway there. You’ll love it, I promise. And you don’t have to pay me money to tell you that you can eat it.

-Amy at Flatout

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Granola Crunch Apple-Peanut Butter Sandwich Wraps

Change up your PB&J routine! These crunchy Peanut Butter Sandwich Wraps come together in just moments and are completely adaptable – no need to measure exact amounts! Perfect for on-the-go meals and make-ahead lunches, they’re full of nutrient-rich fruits, whole grains and lots of protein!

The juicy apple marries perfectly with the chewy, tart cranberries, the creamy peanut butter, and the crunchy bits of granola. So yummy!

And you can be as innovative as you want! Get creative! You could swap in some other dried fruits like chopped dates or blueberries. Whoa! And you don’t even have to use good ol’ peanut butter. Not with the vast array of nut butters on every supermarket shelf. Plus, if allergies are a problem, you can go for Sun Butter or nut-free Wow Butter. Or, hey – want more apples? Ok! Pile ’em on! How about trying pears instead? Why not?

You get the idea. It’s your wrap … we’re not making the rules!

Such an easy, adaptable recipe! No stress here, friends – just a deliciously sweet, crunchy, chewy, creamy wrap that your whole family will love!

This recipe was originally published by Two Healthy Kitchens at Shared with permission.

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Yogurt Chia Pudding with Cinnamon and Sugar Flatbread Chips

A diagnosis of diabetes does not mean having to say goodbye to pudding anymore! Thanks to this delicious take on the standard recipe, this family-friendly dessert makes the perfect after school snack to curb those pre-dinner munchies. The combination of fiber and protein from the Flatout flatbread and yogurt will help to keep you feeling satisfied for hours. Swapping in the mashed banana in replacement of larger amounts of added sugar helps to reduce the overall carbohydrate content of the recipe. And the addition of cinnamon may provide a slight improvement in post-meal blood sugar levels. This easy to make recipe is sure to become a family favorite!

(Make the chips and this chia pudding the day before, so the seeds have time to absorb all the liquid, and you will love yourself in the morning when you pull it out for breakfast or that snack you’ve been craving.)

Chia seeds can be found in bulk reasonably online, or in box stores in your area. They’re that popular!

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Muhumarra with Paprika Chips

Warning: Muhumarra, a Turkish spread made with red peppers, walnuts and pomegranate molasses, should be the appetizer you bring to your next cocktail party or potluck dinner, but only if you want to be considered the most interesting and exotic person at there.

First of all, no one will be able to guess what it’s made of. And no one will be able to keep their hands off of it. It hits all the high notes of sweet, savory and richness that you’d expect from a dip. And the flatbread chips? Well, my advice is to make extra. The smoky, paprika dusted chips go so well with this mezze, you’ll be happy you did.

I first learned of muhumarra while working in a Persian restaurant. The owner was also the chef, so he made everything from scratch, even the complimentary bread that was served to the guests. Giant jars of herbed olive oil sat on the bar, along with huge glass urns of preserved lemons that would take months to make. My mouth watered as soon as I would walk into the place, and I worked there! Muhumarra was served alongside another pair of spreads as a trio: a bean spread, and an eggplant spread, grilled flatbread served in a basket off to the side. Guests ate every drop, swabbing the plate with their fingers when they ran out of flatbread. And they always wanted more. Before I left, I made sure I knew how to make this dip by watching and learning, carefully.

Now that you know how to make it, you can whip up a batch of this delicious Middle Eastern spread to mystify and intrigue your friends this weekend. Grill up some flatbread, or make the smoky paprika chips. Everyone will love you for it!

-Amy at Flatout

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Dark Chocolate Bark with Pomegranate and Walnuts

Be still my heart! Chocolate and pomegranate come together on flatbread to make a snack that is meant to be eaten right away. Good thing, because this won’t last, I promise! The flatbread makes a delicious crispy base for this chocolate bark which is loaded with juicy pomegranate arils and chopped walnuts.

When I was a little girl, my big brother would clean a pomegranate meticulously, seed by seed; he had the patience and willpower to not eat one seed until he was completely finished. I would sit nearby, fidgeting like crazy, until he let me have some. At that time, I was still too little to do it myself, and I had no patience. I just wanted the goods! It must have bugged him to have some little twerp ruin his meditative moment with his favorite fruit, but I suppose that’s what siblings do: bug each other.

When I grew up and could buy my own pomegranates, I never really appreciated the work involved to get those little arils. It seemed so messy and time consuming. Then I saw this video and my entire world changed. Pomegranates could be cleaned only using a wooden spoon and a bowl! In mere moments! Oh joy! I put them on everything: salads, soups, smoothies, ice cream, and now, flatbread! Those little ruby red jewels were mine to include with everything.

Bake up some of this pomegranate and walnut bark today using some flatbread and your favorite dark chocolate. It’s a powerful antioxidant rich snack for you and the family. I might even make some for my brother!

-Amy at Flatout

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