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Berry Hand Pie

We mean it when we say “no guilt!” This gorgeous little dessert is made with just one tablespoon of sugar, along with good for you berries and our light Original flatbread. Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy all the fresh berries your heart desires, so bake a strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry filled hand pie that you will crave again and again, for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Our new video shows you how easy and fun this is:

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Whole Grain PB&J Pinwheels

Note: April 2 is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

PB&J is a classic kid favorite, but for a child with diabetes you may worry that the traditional option is too high in carbohydrates for healthy blood glucose management. The standard sandwich made with white bread and packed full of sugary jelly can cause blood glucose levels to spike, but that doesn’t mean this sandwich has to be off limits. By simply replacing the white bread with Flatout, you can create a sandwich that not only tastes great, but is high in fiber, reduced in carbs, and contains little added sugar. A win for both parents and kids alike!

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Ice Cream Cones

Host a spectacular ice cream social for kids, friends, or relatives. All you have to do is grab some Flatout flatbread and your very favorite ingredients: nuts, coconut, crushed candy, pretzels, sprinkles, and some chocolate. Our dessert guru Bethany wraps up flatbread into low carb, healthy cones, bakes them until crispy, and dips them in chocolate and all the good stuff before filling them with, of course, ice cream. Now that’s something to SCREAM about!

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Ice Cream Chimichangas

Flatout flatbread heads south of the border with talented Bethany’s own recipe for delicious ice cream filled desserts known as chimichangas. They’re flash cooked in healthful coconut oil at the very last minute so you guests can enjoy them crispy and crunchy on the outside, and cold and sweet on the inside. Be generous with the cinnamon and coconut sugar!

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No Batter Chocolate Hazelnut Crêpe

Parlez-vous yummy?

This simple, no batter crêpe made with Flatout flatbread can turn your blahs into oh-la-las in mere moments. Whether you make this for the end of a romantic dinner for two, a teatime treat for friends, or for, well, no particular reason at all, this easy little number has all the right ingredients: indulgent chocolate hazelnut spread, fragrant juicy strawberries, and toasted chopped hazelnuts. Warm up one of our flatbreads in a pan with some butter on both sides, and you’re already halfway to ecstasy. Let our video show you the way!

While the flatbread does its thing, slice up some fresh strawberries nice and thin. Now where’s that chocolate spread, surely you still have some around? Good. All you need do now is crush up some whole nuts with the side of a knife. Once the flatbread is pliant, it’s time to assemble your masterpiece. Chocolate spread first, then the fruit, then the nuts…stay strong, this is no time for weakness…

A dusting of powdered sugar makes all the difference, so don’t skimp! Et voilà, the sugared, buttered flatbread is transformed into the kind of pastry that may well be eaten at a sidewalk cafe, in a quiet little out of the way spot. The kind of place you just happened upon, perhaps, like that one time in Paris. It was magical then, and it can be just as magical now.

But who needs Paris when you have all that you need in the comfort of your own kitchen? As long as there’s Flatout flatbread, some berries, some chocolate, and a few nuts, the time is right to dazzle and delight your loved ones any time you see fit. As they say in France: C’est magnifique! strawberries

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Peaches and Cream French Toast

If someone could really and truly find a way to bottle the way a beautifully ripe peach or nectarine smells at the height of summer, they’d own the world. I don’t mean that fake peach stuff in candles that passes for peach; it’s the real smell of a summer peach that I crave in the bleakest days of fall and winter.

About once a year, I succumb and buy an entire half bushel of peaches at the farmer’s market. I know for a fact it’s a half bushel, even though to me, it looks exactly like a plain old bushel, which was very confusing at first. A true “bushel” is a very, very large amount for someone with one, sometimes two mouths to feed, regardless of how much they adore peaches.

As soon as I get the (half) bushel home, it’s peaches, peaches peaches all the way. Out comes the flatbread to make grilled summer fruit flatbread, peach and prosciutto pizza, or one of my favorite breakfasts, this French toast filled with ricotta cheese and slices of you guessed it, peaches.

If I needed a peach fix and the fruit was a little unripe, I’d speed the process up by stashing a few of them in a brown paper bag with a ripe banana. The banana emits ethylene, a plant hormone released as a gas, which helps ripen the fruit quickly. It’s ideal because soft peaches aren’t fun to carry home, but unripe peaches aren’t so fun to eat…

Cinnamon is a nice addition because it makes the flatbread recipe taste like warm peach pie, just out of the oven. What’s not to love about peach pie for breakfast?

Stay peachy!

-Amy at Flatout

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Berry Banana Nut Wrap

It’s blueberry season, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve always had an affinity for these little berries and love to throw them into all my salads, flatbread wraps, breakfasts, and snacks.

Only true blueberry lovers know this, but there are dozens of different varieties of blueberries, each of which has a distinct characteristic, but the U.S. is known for high bush plants, which are taller. Years ago on a trip to Sweden, I discovered that they have wild low bush blueberries which grow in the forest. They’re so small, people have developed a plastic, hand-shaped contraption with grooved teeth to pick them with so you don’t have to stoop too far down. The berries are super tiny, but delicious!

In Michigan, blueberry farms dot the coast along the lake shore, where it’s temperate and the soil is sandy. You can buy picked berries by the box if you’re pressed for time, or you can pick your own, which is great fun if you don’t mind touristy things and have some time to kill. The farmer hands out buckets on straps so you can sling them over your shoulder, (thus keeping your hands free for picking) and sends you out to the part of the grove where the bushes are ready.

At my favorite blueberry farm, there’s a huge hand painted sign posted at the entrance to the groves that says “Please do NOT throw the Berries!” I guess that’s a thing, throwing berries. It can start innocently enough, with a little toss up into the air to see if you can catch a berry in your mouth, then it might progress to aiming a berry, just one or two, at some unsuspecting friend, until it becomes an all-out berry war made with precious, freshly-picked handfuls. It’s a downward spiral.

Not that I’ve ever done it. I prefer to enjoy my berries in more traditional ways: in pies, muffins, and especially in this fabulous quick breakfast flatbread wrap.

Even if all you have is a minute, you can wrap up a breakfast filled with creamy ricotta, crunchy nuts, banana and a handful of anti-oxidant rich blueberries that will be the envy of anyone who sees it. Blueberries make mornings fun!

-Amy at Flatout

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