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Easy, Cheesy Flatbread Pizza

Kyle Cherek, food lover extraordinaire, visits Bob Wills of Clock Shadow Creamery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to sample all that the creamery has to offer. Then he shows us how he most loves to enjoy good quality cheese: by baking up the easiest, cheesiest flatbread pizza this side of the Mississippi!

It just doesn’t get any cheesier. Find your favorite locally made cheese, grab some Flatout flatbread, your favorite tomato sauce, and bake up a masterpiece today. Just wait for it to cool down a little before taking a bite.

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Steak Fajita Pizza

There’s a Mexican place near me where my mom loves to eat, thankfully. My mom is very picky when it comes to restaurants, especially, for some reason, Mexican restaurants. Either the portions are too small, or she could make a much better margarita,(she’s a connoisseur) or the music is too loud, or something else altogether. My mom especially prefers restaurants which serve portions so huge, she can take them home and eat the leftovers for at least a couple meals afterwards. Naturally, finding a place that does that is tricky, especially with rising food costs. It can be challenging to find a place that, in her more than 70 years of dining out, will please her. The better half and I jokingly call it the “LOL phenomenon” (or, “little old lady”) but shhh! please don’t tell her this!

Generally, my better half and I invite her over to bypass the sometimes frustrating decision of where to eat out. That way, too, we get to be in complete control of the margaritas, which is a great thing! But if we’re feeling like Mexican food, we can all agree on one place, right around the corner. We order a huge plate of family style steak fajitas and go to town, literally! Peppers, onions, strips of steak, all served up on homemade tortillas. In a word: delish.

I started making this flatbread recipe using leftover bits and bobs of the fajitas that would come home with us, but eventually, we started inviting my mom over to make this flatbread from scratch, because it tasted so good. All we really have to do is sauté everything up and bake it on a flatbread; it’s ready by the time the first round of margaritas is finished.

Fajitas, love, and LOL,

-Amy at Flatout

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Grilled Cheesy Bean Burrito

For the busy athlete, it may be tempting to run through the drive-thru to quickly re-fuel, yet many times fast food may be lacking the nutrients you need to perform at your best. For the athlete with diabetes, it’s essential to consume both protein and carbohydrate after a workout. This combination not only replenishes energy stores that were burned up during exercise, but also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels to prevent crashes or spikes later in the day. This Grilled Cheesy Bean Burrito is the perfect solution since it can be made in advance, eaten on the go, and is packed full of the carbs and protein you need to refuel your muscles while promoting healthy blood sugar levels. By swapping a standard tortilla rich in simple carbohydrates with a fiber rich, higher protein Flatout Flatbread, you can enjoy the taste you love while boosting your nutrition and stabilizing blood sugar levels.

I consider myself fortunate that my parents didn’t raise me with a lot of fast food around. But I also realize that part of that reason was because there weren’t nearly as many options for fast food as there are now. Both my parents worked and were really busy, so it would have been a reasonable option, I suppose, if there were as many ultra-cheap fast food choices back then as there today. Mostly my mom or dad cooked, thankfully, and fast food was reserved for occasional road trips or very special occasions.

We did, however, have TV dinners. They were considered a very high-tech convenience. And how I hated them! Indistinguishable from the next, they were served hot from the oven in sectioned off foil trays, each compartment holding some kind of gross, mushy brown thing. Even dessert was mushy and brown. Everything in the tray had sort of a chemical aftertaste, too. What they lacked in taste and charm, they made up for in convenience, I suppose, but still, I’m happy those days are over.

It wasn’t until college that I tasted my first fast food style bean burrito. You could have one for 69 cents, well under a dollar, so many late night dinners were made up of bean burritos. Turns out I could have done a lot worse; I was still leery of “processed meat” from the TV dinners, and I was trying to be a vegetarian, so the lowly bean was good enough for me.

Indeed, beans are a smart choice for most people, and are excellent sources of protein and fiber.

This flatbread recipe harkens back to the good old college days where, like so many students, I was broke as a joke and hungry all the time. And they’re just as handy now when I don’t feel like running to the store and shopping, or when my monthly budget is tight. Beans are an inexpensive and healthy choice, depending on how they’re prepared. The beauty of this recipe is in the chopped white onions sprinkled in the burrito. It’s simple, quick, and immensely delicious, to boot. Just grab your flatbread, your hot sauce, and some fat-free refried beans and you’re almost there! There’s no need to run out to grab a bag of fast food, you can make a delicious inexpensive meal at home.

Vivà the bean!

-Amy at Flatout

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Triple Grilled Cheese with Pear Chutney

This flatbread sammie goes All Out, in terms of cheesiness. Gooey, rich, indulgent, and a tiny bit sweet: it’s totally worth it. Grilled in a skillet or that panini press you got on Amazon Prime Day, the flatbread gets crispy crunchy while three cheeses get cozy with your favorite fruit chutney. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I was at a party last weekend and I overheard a guest talking about cheese, and how they thought they were addicted to it. “I swear,” she said, “it’s like I can’t stop thinking about it. I want it all the time. I’m always hungry for it, especially because I don’t eat sugar anymore.” She had this look in her eyes when she spoke: a little desperate, a little wild. Recent studies have pinpointed what it is that gets us so excited about cheese. She’s not alone, it seems. The world is full of as many cheese lovers as there are types of cheese!

I’ve definitely gone through something like this, but with nuts. A couple years ago, when my better half was commuting for work, I used to make him these fab breakfast bars made with dried fruit, nuts, and coconut. I wasn’t eating a lot of refined sugar then, either, and because there were so many different nuts around, I ended up munching away. Soon there wasn’t a time when I wasn’t snacking on a nut. I even remember telling a friend at the time, much like that lady at the party, probably even with the same wild look. I’ve tapered, slowly, mostly by keeping the nut inventory in our house to a dull roar. But I digress…

Hopefully, this flatbread recipe will hook you, especially if you love cheese. I make it with my favorite melty varieties, with some gruyère thrown in for pungent flavor, and a delicious pear chutney my best friend Michele makes in the fall and gives as gifts. Feel free to use your own fruit choice, though. On a flatbread, it’s the ultimate cheese course, made just for you.

-Amy at Flatout

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Very Veggie Nachos

These Very Veggie Nachos are a SmartPoints friendly delicious snack with plenty of flavor. Using baked wholegrain flatbread chips as the base pile on the veggies: tri-colored peppers, corn, black beans, avocado make for a healthy and tasty snack! We love our flatbread nachos, and you will too!

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Grilled Tuna Melt with Asparagus

Tuna, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….often I go through waves with my love affair with tuna fish. Mostly I don’t think about it. I go about my days and weeks not giving it a single thought. I make my flatbread pizzas, my wraps, my scrambled eggs, salads, and everything is fine. But then, one day, I’ll be sitting somewhere… I’ll get a little hunger pang, and BAM: I need tuna fish! Nothing, absolutely nothing else will satisfy like a tuna melt. I must make one that very instant. So I run to the store, I grab a couple cans, and I make the best, most beautiful tuna melt that knocks that desire of the ballpark. Honestly, not one other meal at that moment tastes better. Then, almost as quickly as I remembered, I forget that tuna ever existed in the first place, and I go back to my usual food routine.

But why should I or anyone just give up on tuna, just like that? What’s tuna ever done to me, except quench a deep tuna thirst? This year, I’m committing to adding more tuna to my weekly flatbread regime. It’s a good source of vitamin D, an excellent source of niacin and protein, low in fat, and it tastes awesome. Paired with flatbread, it makes the perfect light lunch or dinner. Crispy and toasted on the outside, warm and melty on the inside, it’s just perfect.

Spring is just about here, and that means those little tender baby asparagus spears are popping up in the stores around me, so they must be for you, too. The asparagus gives this flatbread tuna melt more texture, in a sandwich that’s fun to take to work and eat with or without a cup of tomato soup. Just steam them a bit in a pan of hot water until they are fork tender and bitable. Make asparagus extras to throw into other flatbread recipes; you’ll be very glad you did. I know I’m making smarter choices when I eat at more fruits and vegetables every day, especially when they’re different ones. I really can’t think of a better spring lunch, then first of the season asparagus and a homemade tuna salad on grilled flatbread.

-Amy at Flatout

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Ahogada Wrap

Turn on the oven and roll up some satisfaction with our new recipe for baked “drunken meat” wraps, filled with spiced ground beef and drowned in red sauce. Melted cheese takes these hearty, healthy rolled wraps up and over the top. Kid friendly, family friendly, potluck worthy, and no one would ever be the wiser that these….might not be bad for you. Grab some flatbreads and try them tonight! Our new video tells the ahogada tale:

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