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Tuscan Kale Salad with Honey-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Nutritious kale is accented with tangy feta, salty parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh grape tomatoes, cannellini beans, red onion, basil, and roasted red peppers. Plus a simple balsamic dressing!

This Tuscan Kale Salad is absolutely loaded with healthy goodies and great Tuscan-inspired flavors! So incredibly delicious, you won’t even notice how healthy it is. Seriously!

But you know what made this salad truly great, what absolutely put it over the top?

The addition of crunchy, toasted Flatout croutons!

We like to use a Light Italian Herb Flatout to make our croutons, since it’s already got Italian flavors baked right in – the perfect complement to the other Tuscan flavors in our salad.

The flatbread croutons are so easy to make! You start by using a sharp knife or (even easier!) a pizza wheel, to cut your Flatout into approximately 1/2″ squares – the perfect size for this chopped salad.

Then just toast ‘em up in a skillet and let them cool until serving. Mmmmmm … they start to smell so good as they get all golden and toasty! You can really smell the Italian spices in the Flatout! Bonus: you can even make these croutons ahead!

This salad is so simple, yet so jam-crammed with great flavors and nutrition … and, of course, great textures, with that wonderful flatbread crunch! Enjoy!

This recipe was originally published by Two Healthy Kitchens at Shared with permission.

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Savory Snack Mix

We make this tasty baked snack mix on a regular basis, using chickpeas, herbs, spices, a hint of parmesan cheese, and ProteinUp flatbread for a midday nosh.
Make Extra! Double the recipe to prep extra snacks for the week. Just make sure to store in an airtight container. Thanks, Amy!

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Picnic Wrap

Few things are better than a well made spinach salad, especially one loaded with chicken, sweet strawberries, pecans, and goat cheese. This flatbread wrap has that in spades, plus it’s easy to eat almost anywhere, from car seats to checkered blankets.

Is it a salad? Is it a sandwich? The perfect picnic food may, in fact, be somewhere in-between, thanks to flatbread. Our video gets to the heart of the matter:

If you love eating outdoors, you’ll #FlatoutLove this picnic wrap!

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The Goddess of Green Dip with Lemon Pepper Flatbreads

I’m always looking for a tasty way to add fresh, raw greens to any recipe. I just feel better and have more energy when I eat more greens every day, don’t you? More than a few times, though, I got waaaaay too enthusiastic adding spinach to a blueberry banana smoothie, making what could have been a perfectly good breakfast taste like lawn clippings. Yuck. I blame the mornings. A little greens goes a long way in fruit smoothies!

Thankfully we don’t have to be as careful with this flatbread dip. It’s packed with good for you greens and herbs, all of which blend harmoniously together, thanks to a lot of lemon and a little garlic and anchovy. I’ve lightened it up a bit with Greek yogurt, so you can snack with impunity. Holiday parties are right around the corner, so I figure there will be enough opportunities to splurge in the coming weeks. Hello, cheese!

Old fashioned green goddess is one of my favorite salad dressings, so it would make sense to throw in some crudité in with the lemon pepper flatbreads, or use leftover dip for an impromptu salad wrap using lots of crunchy vegetables: think raw carrot slices, cucumbers, radishes, you get the idea. The garlicky, fishy goodness of this dip will add a much desired punch of flavor to anything you put it on. Just keep it away from smoothies!

-Amy at Flatout

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Shrimp & Kale Taco Bowl

We can’t think of anything greener than eating the very dish your lunch comes in, so we made these delicious flatbread bowls filled with a rich kale, shrimp, and quinoa salad; everybody is swooning here at Flatout. Making them is way easier than you think, too. We used Marzetti Avocado Ranch Simply Dressed, massaged into the kale, and it was a huge hit. Watch our video to see what a snap it is:

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Spring Roll Chicken Wrap

I made this recipe up because after a week of heavy crockpot meals and braised stews, I was craving something lighter, something with fresh, cold vegetables and bright flavors. I swore to myself if I saw another roasted brussels sprout I was going to flip out. Even salads in the winter have brussels sprouts, and while usually I’m all for them, there comes a time in the season when I hit my limit and am happy to give myself a bit of a break.

I consider this flatbread wrap to be the antithesis of the crockpot meal. It’s light, super flavorful, and is packed with fresh crisp vegetables and gently flavored chicken. It’s sort of a riff on a spring roll, or also sort of a take on a bahn mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, but it has my very favorite elements of each. It’s also the perfect foil to my carryout habit at lunch, meaning that I can make it myself from ingredients I’m in charge of, it travels easily, and it’s fun and exciting to eat at work. If I bring in a really fabulous thing for lunch, like this flatbread, then I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing. And that’s half the battle when I’m trying hard to stick to a tight budget.

This flatbread recipe is also the perfect vehicle for getting in some great raw vegetables! I’ve found that taking a vegetable peeler and using it to make long ribbons of carrot and cucumber works wonders in this wrap, and everything holds together nicely while I’m chowing it down. I’m crazy for cilantro, but I understand that some readers aren’t, so if that’s the case, mint substitutes nicely, too. If you have both, throw them both in! Get creative.

Flatbread is a bit heartier than spring roll wraps, so I drizzle a little hoisin sauce on the chicken for a little extra flavor; just go lightly here, barely coating the chicken. It’s quick work to roll up and wrap up, and a squeeze of lime seals the deal. If you have your own favorite peanut or satay sauce, by all means, find it and pour some into a little portable container and dip this flatbread wrap into it as you go. I promise you that the ingredients in this flatbread wrap work together magically to revitalize your week’s menu. I can’t say you’ll never eat stew ever again, though. It’s just nice to eat raw every once in awhile!

Amy at Flatout

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Spicy Tuna Salad Wrap

This tuna salad flatbread wrap has become a favorite of my better half’s, and it came to be purely by mistake. Well, let me explain, all the ingredients did not fall out of the refrigerator and land on a flatbread, we put them there, but this wrap was the result of, shall we say, celebrating a little too much one night and coming home in the wee hours famished, needing food RIGHT THEN.

Okay. My better half has strong opinions about pimento cheese. He puts it on everything. Not just celery. Not just crackers. Sometimes I think he’d marry it, if our state allowed marrying food. Me, not so much. So while he went straight for the P.C. I, on the other hand, reached in the refrigerator for some tuna salad and our last flatbread, slapping it on the counter. When my back was turned, as I continued to browse my options, my better half had spread the pimento cheese all over my flatbread. He thought it was for him! My eyes got really, really wide. Oh no! My lip began to quiver.

We were stronger than this. We could survive anything, right? He decided he had to get creative; instead of scraping it off, he suggested we compromise and make something new. Why not add the tuna salad to the already besmirched flatbread? Um, okay, I guess. And, hey, while we’re at it, why not some of these pickled jalapeños from last night’s nachos? Yeah, why not? And then, probably because I was feeling guilty or craving water, we added some shredded iceberg lettuce for a little crunch. We had to hydrate, after all. Things got a little crazy that night.

If it was horrible, well then, we’d go to bed without snacking. We cut the flatbread in half, brought it to our lips simultaneously and each took a bite. But then the strangest thing happened- it was delicious! I mean, really good. We ate every last bite. We were both sorry we had to split it, it was that satisfying. The better half made it again the next day when we got home from the store, just to see if it was as good as before, in our late night condition. Oh, lord, it was! Spicy, creamy, crunchy, tuna-y, and totally a happy accident. Or destiny, like the two of us!

Amy at Flatout

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