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Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza

The finer things in life, on a flatbread pizza! Sweet roasted pears, Canadian bacon, and rich gorgonzola cheese come together in a symphony of flavor guaranteed to please the most discriminating palates. Perfect for your next wine tasting party or book club. Guests will want the recipe, so you can send them to Flatout…or keep it your secret, we won’t tell! At only 7 WW® SmartPoints® per serving, it’s a flatbread you’ll definitely make again and again.

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Grilled Summer Fruit Flatbread

This pizza has been selected as one of our Great for the Grill recipes. When the weather is gorgeous, dust off that outdoor grill and make a flatbread pizza, alfresco, for your hungry party. There’s nothing better than a hint of woodsmoke on your melted cheese, and these flatbread pizzas cook even faster on the grill than they do in the oven. You don’t need a fancy pizza steel (but feel free to use one) for the flatbreads, just a spatula and tongs, tools you already have. It may be time to switch it up and eat pizza from the grill tonight!

Read how easy it is to grill your own healthier, gourmet flatbread pizza below the recipe.

There’s nothing better than a juicy peach or nectarine at the height of summer fruit season. I love the way they smell as they ripen, letting you know they’re ready to eat. Oh, I just can’t wait for peaches to appear at the market!

Truthfully, even though I love peaches almost as much as I love flatbread, any stone fruit would work in this recipe. Don’t feel pressured to buy nectarines if they’re hard as rocks, or peaches if they taste pithy. Use plums, or even cherries or apricots. This flatbread recipe is so easy to make if you need a quick dessert after a leisurely grilled dinner outside. Use the last of the coals to grill up some fruit and bake the flatbread. A shmear of ricotta cheese that’s topped with the fresh fruit, a drizzle of syrup and a scattering of fresh thyme, and you’ll be the hit of the party. Everyone will love the light, sophisticated combination, so you just might be making this one all summer long, or as long as you can find those heavenly stone fruits. A girl can dream!

-Amy at Flatout

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Peach & Prosciutto Pizza

Peaches and prosciutto, what’s not to love? This shareable, irresistible flatbread will tantalize anyone who loves roasted peaches, French brie, or prosciutto. We used our spicy Italian flatbread for a little extra kick underneath all the gorgeous ingredients, but feel free to use your favorite flavor if spice isn’t your thing. And with a value of 7 WW® SmartPoints® value per serving, this will be worth making for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You will #Flatout love this!

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Peaches and Cream French Toast

If someone could really and truly find a way to bottle the way a beautifully ripe peach or nectarine smells at the height of summer, they’d own the world. I don’t mean that fake peach stuff in candles that passes for peach; it’s the real smell of a summer peach that I crave in the bleakest days of fall and winter.

About once a year, I succumb and buy an entire half bushel of peaches at the farmer’s market. I know for a fact it’s a half bushel, even though to me, it looks exactly like a plain old bushel, which was very confusing at first. A true “bushel” is a very, very large amount for someone with one, sometimes two mouths to feed, regardless of how much they adore peaches.

As soon as I get the (half) bushel home, it’s peaches, peaches peaches all the way. Out comes the flatbread to make grilled summer fruit flatbread, peach and prosciutto pizza, or one of my favorite breakfasts, this French toast filled with ricotta cheese and slices of you guessed it, peaches.

If I needed a peach fix and the fruit was a little unripe, I’d speed the process up by stashing a few of them in a brown paper bag with a ripe banana. The banana emits ethylene, a plant hormone released as a gas, which helps ripen the fruit quickly. It’s ideal because soft peaches aren’t fun to carry home, but unripe peaches aren’t so fun to eat…

Cinnamon is a nice addition because it makes the flatbread recipe taste like warm peach pie, just out of the oven. What’s not to love about peach pie for breakfast?

Stay peachy!

-Amy at Flatout

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