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Sweet Caribbean Flatbread

I made this flatbread for my better half for dessert one night, mostly just to use up a couple bananas that were about to turn one degree too ripe in the next five minutes. What is it about bananas and ripeness? It’s as if they’re a hair underripe when you buy them, then by the time you get them home, they’re about to turn soft. When they get too soft, into the freezer they go, destined to be a smoothie, and even that bag is getting bigger by the week. One can only eat so many smoothies. Our life is a constant juggle of banana ripeness.

I’ve noticed that absolutely everyone has a very specific level of banana ripeness that they prefer. (Come on, you know you do!) Even our dog, who loves banana, won’t eat a piece if it’s even a bit too ripe for him. So confounding!

Anyways, my better half loves food that makes him feel like he’s on a tropical island: coconuts, bananas, mangoes, you name it. He’s always buying bananas. And one night after we had salads for dinner, I noticed him cruising around the kitchen looking for something sweet. What can I say, I know him!

I had been wanting to broil some banana slices for some time, so I offered to make him a little something special on which to slake his sweet tooth. He didn’t even know what was coming, but he readily agreed. I shooed him out of the kitchen and set to work.

Not that it was a whole lot of ‘work.’ In the time it takes to pre-heat the broiler, this flatbread recipe can be completely prepped up, and ready to go.

Someday I’ll invest in a crème brûlée torch to melt the sugar on the banana slices with a bit more precision, but until then, a broiler will have to suffice. No one should probably live in a home where crème brûlée is easy to make, and this would be one step closer to that world, am I right?

This flatbread comes close to the creamy sweetness of that classic French dessert, right down to the slight crunch of the turbinado sugar, but with a tropical edge. Needless to say, my sweet-who-loves-sweets loved it, and was even willing to share with me my latest flatbread creation.

If only all banana solutions were as quick and easy!

-Amy at Flatout

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Spicy Mango Salmon Tacos

Some of you out there have committed to making your own meals, breakfast lunch and dinner, for the whole month. After all, it’s better for you. But what about…tacos? How will you get your fix? We’re here to show you how to make restaurant-quality tacos at home. It’s true! You can make healthy versions of street-style fish tacos in your own kitchen! Skip the breaded fish-grilled salmon is where it’s at! We use our very own spicy Italian flatbreads in a creative way to make soft tacos, filled with chunks of salmon, fresh mango salsa, chopped lettuce, cilantro, and a lime mayonnaise for a lunch or dinner that sings with flavor. Throw away your carry=out menus and watch this video instead:

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Cauliflower Pizza with Chipotle and Lime

Cauliflower is a vegetable that, in my kitchen, can happily take the place of meat any day of the week. Cauliflower is so versatile, you can flavor it up any which way you please with spice rubs, herbs, and marinades, then roast it until tender and voilà, dinner.

There was many a night as a single diner where all I’d eat is a giant cast iron pan filled with sizzling, turmeric dusted, roasted cauliflower for a meal, usually standing at the counter. Well, I wouldn’t eat the pan, but almost…it was that good! If I had known about flatbread then, this pizza would have been on heavy rotation.

This flatbread pizza uses a citrusy, spicy sweet chipotle sauce to flavor the cauliflower before it’s roasted into caramelized perfection. Then it’s topped with a bevy of crispy and vibrant vegetables. This flatbread recipe is basically one giant salad!

Even though purple, orange, and vibrant green Roman cauliflower is all the rage right now, feel free to use trusty white cauliflower in this recipe. It will be easier to find and will soak up the colorful marinade beautifully. Besides, the other stuff, especially the Roman, is so gorgeous all I want to do is gaze at its magnificence- seriously, it’s like a vegetable work of fractal art!

If you’re repelled by cilantro, not to worry, you can make this pizza just as well without cilantro, if you like. Add some extra lime juice, some scallions, or some parsley! The best thing about flatbread is there’s always room to improvise, especially when it comes to flavorful vegetables and herbs!

Go meatless and boost your daily veggies tonight with this new flatbread recipe!

-Amy at Flatout

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Cashew Shrimp Wrap

A perfect summer flatbread wrap, if ever there was one! This wrap is packed with tons of crisp cool veggies and spicy curry shrimp, the ideal lunch or dinner when the weather is blazing and you want something light but interesting to eat.

Lightly dressed ribbon-cut veggies make good options in place of rice noodles in this spring roll inspired meal. In fact, if you have a vegetable noodler, by all means make it work for you here. (I’m waiting to find one at a rummage sale! Someone is bound to get rid of one sooner or later.)

Nuoc cham is the key to this wrap, and a basic one can be found here if you feel like making your own, otherwise store bought is just fine too. Or perhaps you have some left over from last night’s bun, in which case I would applaud your thriftiness!

The last time I made this wrap to bring into work, my co-workers eyeballed it, and, one by one, came up and asked me where the new lunch place was. It makes a delicious first impression, so they were a little jealous that I made it myself, and they couldn’t buy another one that day for their own lunch. I promised that I would share my recipe, though, and after some tweaking and adjusting, here it is. Take that, officemates; the secret is out!

Now that you have the recipe, you can be as stingy or as generous with it as you like. Just make it often, and enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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