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Ham & Cheese Quiche Spirals

Busy mornings can be challenging. But a balanced breakfast with protein and fiber is a great way to start your day. Preparing such a breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming or stressful. Thanks to the versatility of Flatout Flatbreads, you can easily whip up a delicious breakfast packed full of fiber and protein in very little time. In fact, this Flatout Ham & Cheese Quiche Spiral recipe can be made in advance and then stored in your refrigerator or freezer to be quickly reheated as the perfect grab-and-go option on even the busiest of mornings. At 3 SmartPoints® value, each quiche is a good source of fiber and an excellent source of protein. Pair it with some fresh fruit and be on your way!

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Bacon Black Bean Wrap

Git along, little doggies, here’s a hearty breakfast that’ll stick to your ribs!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been camping, but boy howdy, do I love it. I collect camping gear and hoard it in our basement, a kind of funky mix between hi-tech and vintage (I need my state of the art inflatable sleeping bag mattress, but also my vintage foldable picnic table and Coleman camping stove!)

We have two dogs who have never been camping with us, although I took one on an overnight to see how he would do. After jumping out of the car, immediately running into the woods, he came back filthy and, little did we know until much later, covered in ticks. Then he kept me up all night barking at deer (hopefully) outside the tent. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience, but the optimist in me really wants to try again! Being outside in nature, especially when you live in a congested city, makes it all worthwhile. Except for the ticks!

When you sleep outside or in a tent, sleeping bag mattress or not, breakfast tastes even better. A camping staple, the humble can of black beans can do no wrong, in my opinion. Just open a can and cook them over the open flames. Want to add a dried chili for flavor? Go right ahead. If you are like me, you’ll pre-cook your bacon so you don’t have a mess to clean up, which makes this wrap the easiest, most delicious meal ever. No waste, no plates needed, just pure flatbread fabulousness.

Flatout flatbreads make excellent traveling companions when camping in the great wilderness. Even the bag they come in can be used to pack out litter or dirty utensils from a campsite, once you eat all the flatbread.

This summer, get outside for a camping trip or two. Grab a couple cans of black beans, some flatbread, and leave your dogs at home bring your dogs so everyone can enjoy themselves! Oh and p.s. don’t forget the tick repellent.

-Amy at Flatout

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Thin Crust Cheeseburger Pizza

There’s nothing quite like the flavor of a juicy hamburger, even when it’s on a flatbread. At only 6 WW® SmartPoints® values per serving, go ahead and enjoy this totally delicious pizza loaded with tasty toppings of your choice. Dress it like your favorite burger, and pile it high with zero SmartPoints value veggies.

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Almond Butter, Apricot, Cheddar melt

Bouncing back from what seems like two (no, make it three, I almost forgot about Halloween,) months of desserts can be super, duper hard to get out of alive. And by alive, I mean and still fitting into your unforgiving blue jeans. All that sweet stuff, all those cakes and cookies and egg nog and cocoas and glasses of champagne and Bailey’s really adds up so quickly, and you just get used to eating dessert every day. Come January, when it’s time to commit to a weight loss and exercise resolution, I find that it’s hardest to break my dependency on all that extra sugar I ate from October on…

Cold turkey is definitely an option, and, from my informal research, after about three weeks, it’s supposed to “not be that bad.” O.M.G. Three weeks?!? I prefer to ease into my sugar restriction over the course of the next month. Let’s go easy on ourselves, shall we?

I read somewhere that almond butter assists with sugar cravings, so I’ve come up with a flatbread recipe that I can make for breakfast or a snack that can help curb that crazy feeling I get when I simply must have something sweet. Flatbread provides the wholegrain carbs, a tiny bit of apricot preserves adds something sweet, and sharp cheddar is a nice, melty counterbalance to everything else. Make one for breakfast, or make one for you and a friend to share for a teatime snack. Here’s hoping!

-Amy at Flatout

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Apple Butter Flatbread Quesadilla

Berries are almost too easy to love; I don’t think many people could argue with that. They’re small, bright, cute, and don’t get me wrong, they’re delicious too. But come fall, give me a crisp apple any day to bite into…that’s my favorite fruit. Baked, raw, mashed, sauced, in a pie, in a cobbler, in a tarte tatin, apples are my jam!

Speaking of jam, apple butter, in my opinion, is heaven sent. In my inventory of gear set aside for future projects, those “someday I’ll have time to indigo dye my sheets” and “three sewing machines, someday I’ll grow extra arms to use them all,” I have a huge copper bucket that was used to make apple butter. It’s just…sitting there, waiting for me. I found this thing last year in Michigan and dragged it home in the car. And if you make apple butter, you need a huge bucket, for two reasons: 1) the apples cook down like crazy, and 2) you’ll wish you made more because you’ll eat it so fast, so you might as well make an obscene amount of apple butter because you already have the bucket.

Someday I’ll have a little slice of land so I can dig a hole, start a fire, and cook up the greatest, most exquisite batch of apple butter, out in the fresh autumn air, this world has ever seen. In the copper bucket, of course.

But in the meantime, I can content myself with apple butter from the farmer’s market. This easy little flatbread snack pairs your favorite apple butter with cheddar cheese to make a quesadilla on the sweeter side. You can use a regular flatbread or a Foldit flatbread, just adjust the ingredients accordingly.

A little powdered sugar seals the deal! Now go rustle up some apple butter and get to it!

-Amy at Flatout

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Chicken and Cheddar Flatbread Quesadilla

For an athlete, but especially an athlete with diabetes, consuming a well-balanced snack to refuel after an intense workout is key. And an option that’s portable so you can take it with you on the run is even better. This recipe provides it all! The combination of the chicken and cheese provide your body with the protein it needs to build and repair muscle, while the rich fiber and whole grain content of the Flatout flatbread provides a source of slow digested carbohydrates to stabilize blood sugar levels. The healthy fat content from the avocado provides an additional source of nutrients and fiber making this a delicious post-workout snack you can enjoy often.

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