Two Minute Hummus Wrap

two minute sabra hummus wrap

Two Minute Hummus Wrap


National Hummus Day is right around the corner! We #Flatoutlove hummus, which makes for the fastest, most delicious lunch ever. Hummus makes a perfect addition to any flatbread wrap, sandwich, or roll-up. It’s protein packed, healthy, and adds a boost of flavor to everything it touches. That’s definitely something to celebrate! Make your own or pick up a tub of your favorite Sabra hummus flavor.

We made a fast and fantabulous flatbread wrap in well under two minutes using our Light Original flatbread, mesquite smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and a shmear of hummus, but here are some other equally delicious pairings to inspire you:

Hummus with rotisserie chicken, pickled red onions, Swiss cheese, and baby spinach on a Flatout Sun-dried Tomato flatbread.

Garlicky hummus with grilled bratwurst or knockwurst, wilted bitter greens, and provolone cheese on a Light Original flatbread.

Spicy hummus with thick sliced roasted turkey, slow roasted roma tomatoes, munster cheese, and Bibb lettuce on a Healthy Grain Multi Grain with Flax flatbread.

But don’t stop there! Come up with your own tasty custom flatbread wrap. With Sabra Hummus and Flatout flatbreads, the combinations are endless, and the results are always fabulous.

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  1. Maria Jimenez October 30, 2017 at 2:09 am #

    I love flatbread tastes so good and so
    Good for you!❤️❤️❤️

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