Kid Friendly Mini Taco Bites

kid friendly tacos

With all the sugar-filled kid snacks out there, it’s easy to load little ones up on too much junk without even realizing it. Cooking with your small sidekick is a great way to get them interested in a variety of different foods, especially the healthier ones! Kids love to cook, and will be more likely to step outside the boundaries of candy and chicken fingers when they’re actively involved in creating meals. Our video shows you the basics of making taco bites with tasty ingredients: sweet, savory, and cheesy. But you can take off from there if your mini-chef is extra adventurous; the sky is the limit with flatbread!

Tacos: With flatbread, you can feed hungry kiddos with just a handful of fun and healthy ingredients. The sky is the limit! Find the recipes and oodles more fun kid’s flatbread ideas here:

Kid Friendly Mini Taco Bites


Take some Flatout Foldits, and just cut them in half to form two circles, then you and your kiddo are ready to get busy in the kitchen!

1/3 banana, sliced
1 tablespoon chocolate chips
1 tablespoon nut butter of your choice
Spread nut butter on flatbread, then layer thin slices of banana. Sprinkle on chocolate chips. Fold in half.

1 tablespoon your favorite hummus
grated carrots
black olives, sliced
cherry tomatoes, chopped
Spread hummus on flatbread. Top with grated carrots, sliced black olives and chopped cherry tomatoes.

1 tablespoon herb cream cheese
1 tablespoon chopped celery
1 teaspoon salted, shelled sunflower seeds

Spread cream cheese on flatbread. Top with chopped celery and sprinkle on sunflower seeds.

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