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Bacon Black Bean Wrap

Git along, little doggies, here’s a hearty breakfast that’ll stick to your ribs!

It’s been a few years since I’ve been camping, but boy howdy, do I love it. I collect camping gear and hoard it in our basement, a kind of funky mix between hi-tech and vintage (I need my state of the art inflatable sleeping bag mattress, but also my vintage foldable picnic table and Coleman camping stove!)

We have two dogs who have never been camping with us, although I took one on an overnight to see how he would do. After jumping out of the car, immediately running into the woods, he came back filthy and, little did we know until much later, covered in ticks. Then he kept me up all night barking at deer (hopefully) outside the tent. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing experience, but the optimist in me really wants to try again! Being outside in nature, especially when you live in a congested city, makes it all worthwhile. Except for the ticks!

When you sleep outside or in a tent, sleeping bag mattress or not, breakfast tastes even better. A camping staple, the humble can of black beans can do no wrong, in my opinion. Just open a can and cook them over the open flames. Want to add a dried chili for flavor? Go right ahead. If you are like me, you’ll pre-cook your bacon so you don’t have a mess to clean up, which makes this wrap the easiest, most delicious meal ever. No waste, no plates needed, just pure flatbread fabulousness.

Flatout flatbreads make excellent traveling companions when camping in the great wilderness. Even the bag they come in can be used to pack out litter or dirty utensils from a campsite, once you eat all the flatbread.

This summer, get outside for a camping trip or two. Grab a couple cans of black beans, some flatbread, and leave your dogs at home bring your dogs so everyone can enjoy themselves! Oh and p.s. don’t forget the tick repellent.

-Amy at Flatout

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Turkey Bacon Pizza with Roasted Garlic

This beautiful recipe is big on garlicky flavor and SmartPoints friendly, plus it satisfies any burning pizza desire, all thanks to flatbread’s versatility.

Last year, my efforts to grow my own garlic in the big city sort of fizzled, when, come July, I pulled up little heads of garlic not much bigger than the cloves I planted the fall before. I think the soil was far too compacted from years of friendly neglect (and day lilies) that those sweet little bulbs just couldn’t grow any bigger. I used up every bit I grew, though, and only this week did I head to the store for a fresh supply. Next year, my garlic will hopefully be a success, thanks to a very kind neighbor a block over with dark, beautiful dirt and a lot of space. Thanks, Robert! Here’s to our shared garlic in 2017.

Because the grocery store bulbs are much larger, that means I’m freely roasting whole huge heads of Spanish garlic again, and the house smells great because of it. Roasted garlic is largely very low in calories, but it provides a lot of the things that high calorie foods are typically known for: richness, moisture, flavor, and depth. Roasted garlic does all of these things in spades. Plus it wards off vampires, so….bonus!

In this recipe, we slather the roasted garlic on our Light Original flatbread like a sauce, then add the ingredients on top. The heat of the garlic is softened way down from roasting, so don’t skimp or worry about the dreaded garlic breath. This pizza is going to be worth it. Do you really want to be around someone who would be offended by garlic, anyways? I thought not. After all, they might be a vampire….

-Amy at Flatout

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BAE Breakfast Wrap

Seems like people still use the word “bae” every once in awhile when talking about their significant others. A shortened version of “babe,” most likely, although someone eventually suggested that it may also stand for before anyone else. Well, that sounds a little awkward, too, in my opinion, though I’m hardly the final word on all things on the internet.

If I were, in my book, “bae” would stand for Bacon, Avocado and Egg, the holy trinity of good breakfasts. . Eating breakfast is an important part of having enough energy to having enough energy throughout the day for all the things you need to do. We need it more than coffee, trust me.

Personally, I love some protein in the morning, especially savory protein, so this flatbread wrap gets me super excited to face the day. Juicy cherry tomatoes, (which are so plentiful this time of year) silky avocado, and crispy turkey bacon wrapped around scrambled eggs and tucked into a whole grain flatbread? Breakfast perfection! Cook up some bacon over the weekend, and all you have to do is scramble an egg in the morning.

I roll mine up in some waxed paper to take with me on the way to work, and I have to say, it really travels well! Little kids like these too, which comes in handy if you have to make someone scuttle off to school in a hurry every morning.

Make this wrap for yourself, your bae, your sweetheart, your carpool driver, or your co-worker: basically anyone you know who tends to skip that all-important morning meal. They might just have a better day because of it. Besides, you can say it stands for before anything else, because eating breakfast is that important!

Your flatbread bae,
-Amy at Flatout

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TBLT Rollups

How cute are these little flatbread rollups? A super simple riff on a classic BLT, with a bit of extra protein oomph from sliced turkey is a snacker’s dream come true.

I’m finally growing my own tomatoes this year. Every other day I’m over at my community garden plot, weeding, watering and coaxing my tomatoes to grow up, up, up into their sturdy wire cages. I WILL have homegrown tomatoes. There will be no excuses this year! No longer will I pay $8/pound for heirloom tomatoes; I will have my own.

Sigh. If I’m being honest, I probably will end up paying (at least) $8/pound on my own tomatoes, if you count the cost of the garden plot, plants, fertilizer, compost, cages, chicken wire, supplies, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears. But there’s something pretty great about having a little piece of land to call your own, albeit temporarily.

The best thing to do with tomatoes? Duh. A BLT. And an even better thing? The TBLT. This flatbread roll-up makes a lovely breakfast for the savory protein lover, a fail-safe lunch at your desk, or a shareable snack for you and your office mate if you have to work late.

Need a quick appetizer for an impromptu potluck party? Look no further than flatbread and make the TBLT, cut it into slices and hold each piece together with a skewer or toothpick. So much more delicious than most of the stuff that people bring, I guarantee. Few can resist the power of the TBLT! And at 4 SmartPoints® value per serving, why would you?

-Amy at Flatout

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