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Sweet Potato Chicken Pizza

In college, I often filled in as a substitute baby-sitter for a friend of mine who ran a successful baby-sitting service. I came in very handy for her, usually at the last minute, and I got to meet a lot of fun little kids and families I might not have otherwise, so it was a pretty nice little side job in between classes, all in all.

I can still remember one of the families I worked for, though, because something about them was always so puzzling, and I never figured out the little mystery. It was harmless enough, but at the time of my visit, the only food they had in the house was….bananas. Bags and bags of them! I don’t recall anything in the refrigerator other than bananas, either. It was a long, long, time ago, and it’s not like I snooped through the whole kitchen, but I distinctly remember that the mom must have been wild about bananas. I only babysat for her little girl once, and she had already had dinner, so it was entirely possible that they were between trips to the grocery, but man, there were so many bananas.

And for good reason, I suppose. Bananas are considered a nutritious food, after all, but if there’s a food that trumps a banana, I’d have to say it could be sweet potatoes. High in vitamins A and C, a good source of fiber when eaten with the skins on, sweet potatoes of all kinds are a great tuber to eat any which way you can.

Sure, you could just wait to eat them once a year at Thanksgiving covered in marshmallows and pecans, but why not try them steamed, roasted, in spicy or savory applications? This flatbread recipe uses them as a saucy base for a chicken pizza loaded with kale and cilantro, with a squeeze of lime at the very end. Sweet potatoes love a little acid to bring their flavors out.

sweet potato chicken pizza

Try this pizza; I bet you’ll love it! In fact, I bet you’ll go ‘bananas’ for this flatbread recipe. I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you started buying bags and bags of sweet potatoes at the store, either. Just round it out with some flatbread, too, so you can make delicious food!

-Amy at Flatout

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