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Cashew Ginger Chicken Wrap

I used to live close to this build your own salad place, which was locally owned and very hip. It had bright yellow green walls, big huge windows and modern light fixtures, and, amidst all the hustle and bustle, it quickly became the place to see and be seen in the neighborhood.

It was an easy place to grab a meal when, because of renovations in my house, I didn’t have water or even a kitchen, so I was usually seen wearing paint splattered clothes and work boots as I ordered my salad. The green walls did not help that look along, I can assure you. But the salads were easy (if expensive) and way better for me than fast food. After a few weeks, though, I couldn’t help but wonder how a place could charge $11 for a salad that probably cost them less than a dollar to make, in a fancy box.

Oh, how I wish there was flatbread back then! I could have kept a cooler in the dining room and made my own flatbread wraps without having to spend a mint on salads I could have easily made at home, while under construction. With flatbread, I could have revolutionized the menu of the home under construction.

Alas, now there is flatbread, and now I have a kitchen and running water, thank goodness.

This was one of my favorite menu items at this place. I added the cashews, because I think they charged extra for those, and turned it into a wrap. Enjoy!

Amy at Flatout

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