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Open Faced Salmon Flatbread

Let’s talk snacking! It’s not off limits; in fact, sometimes it’s necessary to snack throughout the day. I always feel great having a little bite of something in the mid-morning or afternoon. The Scandinavians and the British have tea time and dedicated coffee breaks every day just so they can snack away, come mid-afternoon. It’s a necessity, a staple of their society and culture.

Because I’ve never been a day long coffee drinker, when I need a little boost in the caffeine department, I’ve started drinking tea in the afternoon. And as you might imagine, tea inspires tea-time snacks. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, but always flatbread and always wonderful.

This flatbread recipe takes a page out of the snack book and makes a fabulous light meal or shared snack. Smoked salmon draped over crisp flatbread with your choice of light and interesting toppings; there’s nothing better! And no need to cut the crusts off of fussy little sandwiches; this is flatbread. From end to end, it’s pure delicious.

Dust off that teapot and brew up your favorite darjeeling or oolong, then make some open-faced flatbread sandwiches to accompany it. I promise your afternoon will sail by!

-Amy at Flatout

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Smoked Salmon Nosh-it

One of my favorite memories of my dad was, believe it or not, running errands with him. He was always so busy and productive, always happy, whistling, and running around town in our big van. (It was the seventies, of course we had a van!) I’d sit next to him in a brown upholstered bucket seat, and often we’d take detours on our errand runs, driving down the alleys in search of garbage pick treasures. Garbage picking was unbelievably awesome back then, because real antiques weren’t as valued, and were often pitched in an effort to become more “modern.” Come to think of it, it’s probably this alley trips that instilled in me a real love of all things old…

My dad was a whiz at refinishing and repairing the old furniture and pieces we found in those alleys. Sometimes all anything needed was a bit of lock-tight in the joints to make a chair stop squeaking, or maybe a fresh coat of paint. I still have a few of them today, as do my brothers and sister. He outfitted all of us with stuff for our adult lives when we moved out of the house.

One of my favorite dad errands was to go get bagels for breakfast. My dad loved all things salmon, so this was often a weekend staple. The guy behind the counter would load up a paper bag of salt, garlic, and poppyseed bagels, fill up a container of chive cream cheese, and carefully arrange thin slices of Nova lox on waxed paper for us to take home.

For me, special weekend breakfasts are made complete with a bit of smoked salmon on bread, especially flatbread! The chive cheese can be made with finely minced chives or scallions blended into unflavored cream cheese. Spread on a flatbread, topped with salmon, radishes, capers, thin slices of onion-nothing’s better. And, it’s a good reminder of my sweet dad, and morning errands in the van!

-Amy at Flatout

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Easy Smoked Salmon Breakfast Wrap

This delicious wrap comes together in mere minutes! Warm, fluffy eggs combine with luxurious smoked salmon, velvety cream cheese, and fresh veggies in this super-fast breakfast that’ll have you out the door in no time flat.

It’s scrumptiously full of protein, fiber and veggies to keep you powered up all morning long!

Plus, the only cooking you have to do is the quick scrambling of a couple eggs. Which is actually a great thing, because those warm, fluffy eggs are a fantastic counterpoint to the soft schmear of cream cheese and the cool, briny richness of the salmon. Get those eggs scrambled, layer it all together, and you’re done!

In just minutes, breakfast is served! And you’re out the door, powered up for your busy morning …

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