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Shrimp Verde Flatbread

Picture yourself on a little beach somewhere in coastal South America, where shade is hard to find, the water is a gorgeous aquamarine, and the sand is glittering white. Sunbathing, even shadebathing, is hard work, and since you’ve already eaten all the chili dusted mango slices you packed this morning, you’re ready for lunch.

A little hole in the wall just footsteps away from the beach serving succulent shrimp with some sort of verde sauce is the only thing you can find to eat, so of course you buy a plate and dig in. One bite and you know you’ve struck gold, green gold! What is that amazing sauce, and how can it be so spicy and yet so intensely flavorful? Without hesitation you order another plate, this time to try and figure out how to replicate the sauce once you wake up….. Too late, the alarm rings and you realize it’s Wednesday and you have a work presentation in three hours. Talk about rude awakening! The sauce would have to wait…

This green sauce is anything but mean. Oh, yes, it’s spicy, but that’s part of its allure. I make up batches of this sauce in the food processor to use in flatbread recipes, eggs, pizzas, almost everything that could use a fiery little kick. In this recipe, it acts as a nice, zesty base for your cooked shrimp. It truly is the stuff dreams are made of!

-Amy at Flatout

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Shrimp Salad Wrap

Somewhere in the depths of my cabinets, I have a set of little yellow porcelain dishes that once belonged to my grandma. They’re shaped like little fish, hollowed out on top to hold something like a seafood salad. I love them, but they take up a lot of space because they don’t stack, whatsoever. I need to be able to store them in a special way and they claim more room than I think they should.

I’ve held onto them all these years out of sentimentality; they remind me of the fancy luncheons my grandma used to give for her “card ladies.” Her girlfriends, who she’d play bridge with, would arrive at her house ready to eat, drink, and be merry about every month or so. The little dishes would be filled with shrimp salad and arranged on a tray for the ladies to take as individual servings. I thought it was so cool to have a dish all to yourself, and shaped like a fish, to boot! The spread was very old-fashioned, and it was so much fun to “help” my grandma get ready for the afternoon. (Because who am I kidding, I was probably more of a bother to her while she was trying to get ready!) Once they arrived, I’d be on my best behavior, introduce myself, etc, but then I’d be on my own to play with the toys my grandma kept at her house for visits. (The Evel Knievel motorcycle toy, in particular, all to myself. Oh how I dearly loved that toy!)

Anyways, the fish dishes found their way to me when she downsized (she didn’t have room for them either) and they’ve been with me ever since. Maybe it’s because I don’t play bridge, but I have never thrown a party where I got to use them. So there they sit, waiting.

I think it’d be easier to just find a reason to bring out the dishes than it would be to teach my friends to play cards, so as of today, I’m vowing to do it. This recipe is based on the shrimp salad that my grandma was very fond of serving inside the little fish; although, if flatbread had been around for her parties, she probably would have made this wrap instead, and sold the dishes in a yard sale. The flatbread wrap makes for tidy eating while you’re holding a hand of cards!

-Amy at Flatout

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Green Shrimp Flatbread

Have you ever walked outside and found that someone had left you a bag of zucchini at your door? It can, and does happen! Zucchini has a way of being so prolific in the summer that some growers can’t possibly use it all, and they’re forced to think creatively in order to get rid of it. Even if they do manage all of it, well, they’re bound to miss a hidden vegetable somewhere in the vines until it grows as big as a log. Therefore some lucky people find anonymous gifts like 4 pounds of zucchini at their door, left by a mysterious gardener.

The all time best use for one of those giant zukes that I’ve ever seen was while I was driving through an outdoor shopping center in my old home town. It was a very stately area, filled with huge fountains and statues: bronze cherubs spouting water, that kind of thing. At one end of the center was a life-sized statue of Winston Churchill and his wife, an homage to married life. They were seated on a bench, facing each other, engaged in eternal conversation- but someone had placed a two foot long zucchini on the Prime Minister’s lap! It was just sitting there baking in the sun, totally out of place. Hilarious!

And now that I think about it, I should grow some zucchini this year, so I can give back all the, ahem, generosity I’ve been subject to. Winston would approve.

Even if you’re not the lucky recipient of mystery zucchini, the vegetable is easy to come by and super tasty grilled. Don’t skimp on the lemon in this flatbread recipe, though. The lemon goes well with everything!

-Amy at Flatout

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Shrimp BLT

A BLT is sort of like mac and cheese, in that it’s beauty lies in it’s utter simplicity. But when something is so delicious, it’s often tempting to try to improve upon the classic. For example, adding spicy wilted greens, or even lobster, to mac and cheese makes it pretty fantastic. Or adding avocado to a BLT, or sneaking a rich, runny egg in between the bread slices is totally wonderful. No one has ever said ‘no’ to any of these fabulous elaborations.

Enter flatbread. When I was blessed with a couple extra shrimp leftover from last night’s rice bowl, I jumped at the chance to add them to a flatbread BLT for lunch today, especially since that meant that my better half and I wouldn’t have to spar for the last couple shrimp! Two shrimp do not make a meal, people, not by a long shot. It would only be a matter of time before I’d walk into the kitchen to find him popping them into his mouth with abandon, so I had to think fast. By adding them to a brand new meal, we could share them, which is completely fair and more than generous of me, if I do say so myself….leftover shrimp don’t last long around here.

The things we do for love. Shrimp love, that is! Every bit a BLT, this flatbread sammie is even better with a tender, juicy shrimp nestled in with the other ingredients. Just grab some flatbread, find your juiciest tomato, smokiest bacon, crispiest lettuce, and favorite mayonnaise. Then add some shrimp: large or small, it doesn’t matter! If you have shrimp for one, but need a meal for two, you can make this indulgent take on an already delicious and classic sandwich.

-Amy at Flatout

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Crunchy Chopped Salad Wrap with Shrimp

After a few cold, gray months with (or without) snow, the weather really starts to get to me. Everyone around the city is pale like the sky, and when the sun does come out, it almost hurts the eyes. I know I’m not alone; I see people looking up at the brightness, squinting like hibernating bears at that bright foreign object above them. After a couple weeks or more without sun, you’re just not used to it. Thank goodness spring is coming!

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere chronically sunny, then you have no idea, but the midwest can be tough in the winter. Here in our house, we veg out more, we sleep later, and our diets can reflect all those bad habits too. This winter, however, I’ve tried to combat it. I bought one of those LED sun lamps, so we can use it for about half an hour a day, to get more light. I’m trying to eat better than I normally would. And you know what? That really has helped. Eating fresh food I make at home, where I can control the portions, the salts, the fats, and the sugars is so rewarding in the long run.

So let’s talk about food! This flatbread wrap is one of my winter blues favorites. It’s a chopped salad with shrimp and lots of crispy, crunchy herbs and vegetables.

This makes the perfect work lunch too. This flatbread wrap keeps me awake, sunny, and light on your feet, ready to seize the day. And I can’t think of a better tasting way to do it, either.

-Amy at Flatout

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Citrus Thai Shrimp Wrap

Winter citrus fruits just sparkle, don’t they? A couple years ago, in January, I visited some good friends in Phoenix. It seriously was the best decision of my life! My plane got cancelled due to weather a couple times, but I finally made it and landed in what felt like heaven. My goodness, the sun- how it shined that January. Such a stark contrast to what was one of the worst documented winters in my hometown. We hiked, we walked, we grilled flatbread pizzas outside, we drank wine, all in perfect weather.

In the early mornings, because I was up earlier than everyone due to the time change, I’d walk through the sleepy little neighborhood, and soon enough realized that most of the houses’ backyards were filled with citrus trees that would hang way down over the fences in the alleys, just begging to be picked. I started carrying bags with me on those walks, filling them with huge grapefruits, blood oranges, lemons, and tangelos. I’d bring them back, juice ‘em, and that was how we started the day. It was heavenly.

When I left, I stuffed as many grapefruit as I could into my duffel bag to take back home. It made the space around me in the plane smell fabulous. I’m sure the flight attendants were used to people doing that every winter. I just couldn’t help myself. Those grapefruits tasted better than any I’ve ever had, since. But maybe it was because of the sunny memories with friends and the fact that they were free, picked in an alley!

Either way, this flatbread recipe shines with in-season citrus segments and lots of low-calorie shrimp. A perfect reminder that food eaten seasonally tastes the best. Enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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BBQ Shrimp Pizza

Seriously, is there anything that doesn’t go well with BBQ sauce? My current hometown just doesn’t understand it, but my old hometown, Kansas City, is the capital of barbecue, so everyone there, well, they understand. The grocery stores in KC have an aisle dedicated to their beloved sauces, and here? Maybe one or two kinds, tops, and neither is very good.

Never fear, because down in my basement, I have a cabinet stocked for the year with all my favorite saucy varieties, brought in whenever I make a visit. The bottles make great gifts, as they introduce newbies to what makes a “real” sauce. Next time you’re in KC or some other famous BBQ town, stop at a grocery store and stock up on sauce. Bring a bottle along with your favorite wine or beverage. Your friends will love you for it!

In our house, barbecue sauce tastes great on everything. It really does! You’d be hard pressed to find a ketchup bottle anywhere, but  we’ll add sauce to wedges of crispy potatoes, some leftover chicken, steak, pork, and in this flatbread recipe, shrimp! Its spicy sweetness is perfect for this flatbread, which I load up with freshly chopped onions and cilantro when it comes out of the oven.

This flatbread recipe comes together in under twenty minutes, even if you have frozen shrimp. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or fun lunch any day of the week.

-Amy at Flatout

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Cashew Shrimp Wrap

A perfect summer flatbread wrap, if ever there was one! This wrap is packed with tons of crisp cool veggies and spicy curry shrimp, the ideal lunch or dinner when the weather is blazing and you want something light but interesting to eat.

Lightly dressed ribbon-cut veggies make good options in place of rice noodles in this spring roll inspired meal. In fact, if you have a vegetable noodler, by all means make it work for you here. (I’m waiting to find one at a rummage sale! Someone is bound to get rid of one sooner or later.)

Nuoc cham is the key to this wrap, and a basic one can be found here if you feel like making your own, otherwise store bought is just fine too. Or perhaps you have some left over from last night’s bun, in which case I would applaud your thriftiness!

The last time I made this wrap to bring into work, my co-workers eyeballed it, and, one by one, came up and asked me where the new lunch place was. It makes a delicious first impression, so they were a little jealous that I made it myself, and they couldn’t buy another one that day for their own lunch. I promised that I would share my recipe, though, and after some tweaking and adjusting, here it is. Take that, officemates; the secret is out!

Now that you have the recipe, you can be as stingy or as generous with it as you like. Just make it often, and enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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