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Sesame Salmon Burger

The salmon burger…I just cannot make them enough! Perhaps it’s the salmon lover in me, passed down through my father’s genes. My dad’s business was very close to our house, so he’d come back home for lunch a lot. Often, I’d find him sitting at the table in solitude eating a can of salmon with a fork. It would have made quite a picture, now that I think about it: just a dad at the table, a can, a fork, nothing else. He just loved the stuff.

Usually I buy the “picked” salmon at my local fish market, which is the bits and pieces left over once the filets are taken off the whole fish. It’s a great deal because it’s much less money per pound, (I’m always looking for a deal!) and makes super tasty flatbread tacos and wraps, as well as these burgers.

Canned wild salmon makes awesome croquettes too, which my mom would make with a egg, a bit of mayonnaise, some chopped onion, and breadcrumbs. It was a nice summer dinner served on a salad or with some toast.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make your own salmon burgers using a recipe similar to one for croquettes, or, if you’re in a hurry, finding your favorite frozen salmon patty definitely works as well. The simpler the better for this recipe, because the spicy hoisin mayo and a crunchy watermelon slice make for flavorful forces to be reckoned with!

Foldits have become my favorite thing ever for all our burgers this summer. Not only are they delicious, but you don’t feel like you’ve overeaten afterwards. I always feel stuffed after a giant bun. It is summertime, after all, and that means one always has to save room for ice cream treats!

Try this delicious take on a salmon burger, using a Foldit, this weekend!

-Amy at Flatout

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Poke Cups

The most delicious and adorable party food ever…may we introduce the poke cup? Flatbread circles baked in little muffin tins, then filled with the coolest, hottest food trend this summer: sushi grade fish poke. We used salmon, but tuna works too… just make it fresh, fabulous, and with flatbread! Let our video take you through the steps:

As you can see, with a few beautiful ingredients and very little effort, you’ll have a sophisticated and fun first bite to bring to any party or gathering.

Okay, poke!

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Salmon Nori Wrap

This post is not sponsored by Groupon, I swear! In fact, it might be a warning. I will admit: I get into serious trouble with Groupon, and Groupon gets me into trouble, often. These are two separate things! Sometimes, in the morning over coffee (or late at night if I can’t sleep) I will peruse Groupon for sweet deals, just like they want me to. Usually, I’ll buy a deal or two, especially if it’s a restaurant that I want to try in my neighborhood, or a new local yoga place. (I love being able to walk to yoga.) Sounds innocent enough, right? Until I accidentally buy more than one of something in a computer mishap. And until I forget about the deals I bought and at the last minute, almost ninety days later, my better half and I are scrambling around trying to use them all up before they expire. That creates a major headache for us, which is doubled, because my better half, in his frugal moments, buys Groupons too.

Just this weekend it happened: three months after one of our buying sprees. I had a perfectly good filet of salmon sitting out to thaw, ready for dinner. Everyone was working away, minding their own business. Until: “Uh-oh,” he says. “What?” I respond. “Our Groupon is about to expire.” We look at each other with terror for a moment, then race out the door to claim our giant bag of fried fish. This happened! The salmon went uncooked, and I grilled it off to make a flatbread recipe or two once we were feeling repentant for having consumed a giant bag of fried fish.

But oh, the luxuries of having enough leftover grilled salmon from the weekend to be able to concoct this divine little flatbread wrap today, using nori, a toasted sheet of pressed seaweed, inside the flatbread. Wasabi flavored mayonnaise makes it hurt just a little. Ingenious! Lots of flavors, loads of texture, and no fried fish in sight, all thanks to Groupon.

-Amy at Flatout

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Spicy Mango Salmon Tacos

Some of you out there have committed to making your own meals, breakfast lunch and dinner, for the whole month. After all, it’s better for you. But what about…tacos? How will you get your fix? We’re here to show you how to make restaurant-quality tacos at home. It’s true! You can make healthy versions of street-style fish tacos in your own kitchen! Skip the breaded fish-grilled salmon is where it’s at! We use our very own spicy Italian flatbreads in a creative way to make soft tacos, filled with chunks of salmon, fresh mango salsa, chopped lettuce, cilantro, and a lime mayonnaise for a lunch or dinner that sings with flavor. Throw away your carry=out menus and watch this video instead:

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