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Red Curry Chicken Pizza

This pizza has been selected as one of our Great for the Grill recipes. When the weather is gorgeous, dust off that outdoor grill and make a flatbread pizza, alfresco, for your hungry party. There’s nothing better than a hint of woodsmoke on your melted cheese, and these flatbread pizzas cook even faster on the grill than they do in the oven. You don’t need a fancy pizza steel (but feel free to use one) for the flatbreads, just a spatula and tongs, tools you already have. It may be time to switch it up and eat pizza from the grill tonight!

Read how easy it is to grill your own healthier, gourmet flatbread pizza below the recipe.

When you need red curry paste, you often have to buy a big tub of it, then it languishes in the door of the refrigerator until the next time you need it (which may not be for awhile,) taking up valuable real estate. Trust me on this, every square inch of refrigerator space is counted in our house. Condiments and pickles take up most of the shelves, leaving little room for much else.

In the next year or so the better half and I will be buying a new refrigerator, but he doesn’t know that yet. Ours isn’t all that energy efficient. The ice machine has to be treated with kid gloves and thawed out on occasion to sort of reboot it, and every single fruit and vegetable drawer is broken. Even though I’ve basically rebuilt the drawers using expensive plastic putty, they’re still brittle and just refuse to stay together. If you open the door to my fridge, it looks….well….pretty ramshackle. Drawers every which way, off their track. You get the idea.

All of our appliances are about the same age, so we expect to replace them in the not-so-distant future, but the first one to go (I hope) is this broken down beast. I find myself perusing sale flyers, wondering what is the real difference between 25.4 and 26.2 cubic feet, besides the obvious .8? What could .8 cubic feet hold? More than 25.4, that’s for sure! Whatever appliance we buy, you can be sure it will have room for all the condiments, especially red curry paste. All of the curry paste colors, hopefully, will have a place.

In the meantime, here’s a flatbread recipe I made using grilled chicken breast and a flavorful red curry and coconut sauce as the base. It’s loaded with all sorts of tasty, crunchy, cooling toppings and is perfect for hot summer nights. So grab a cold beverage out of your refrigerator (or the cooler if beverages won’t fit) and grill up a perfect summer pizza!

-Amy at Flatout

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