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Flatbread with Labneh and Pistachios

Browsing in one of my favorite Middle Eastern shops close to my house, I bought a rather large bag of a spice blend called za’atar for a recipe, even though I only needed a little. It smelled really good, after all, so surely I’d find a way to use it up…and I did! Flatbread FTW.

Za’atar is sort of a generic word for a bunch of herbs related to thyme and oregano, but it can also refer to a spice blend that has ground sesame seeds as well as dried oregano, wild thyme, savory, marjoram and various other spices, depending on who makes it. Sometimes the recipes are a closely guarded secret. It’s really tasty on almost everything (especially popcorn, people! don’t just take my word for it!) In this flatbread recipe I’m baking (or grilling) flatbread, then spreading a tangy, thickened yogurt cheese called labneh on it. All I do next is add a sprinkle of chopped pistachios; I prefer to allow the za’atar’s lovely herbal qualities shine by keeping things simple.

This would be a fabulous appetizer to make while the grill is heating up and guests are enjoying their first aperitif. It is rosé season, after all, and this would be a perfect wine pairing in case you need one. Just throw some flatbread on the grill and let it warm up, then: a little labneh, a little pistachio, a little za’atar, and all you have to do is cut the flatbread into shareable pieces. Your guests will ooh and ahh at how sophisticated the combination is as they devour it, and you’ll love the simplicity with which it’s made.

By the way, labneh, flatbread, and za’atar are traditionally eaten for breakfast, so if you happen to be a savory lover in the morning, then by all means, make this! Day or night, it’s a winner.

-Amy at Flatout

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Frozen Yogurt Flatbread Bark

How about a chocolate and raspberry breakfast, brought to you by flatbread? With a little advance preparation by way of an overnight freeze, this frozen yogurt flatbread bark is all yours to nibble on with delight while the coffee is brewing.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be just for breakfast, you know. It could be a snack in the afternoon, a little piece pulled out of the freezer when a friend stops over, enjoyed with a cup of tea. I never know who will pop by, so it’s always nice to be prepared if and when they do.

Speaking of freezers, I know everyone has their preference for refrigerator configurations, but I really do appreciate the side-by-side freezer/fridge combo when I make this recipe. The flatbreads fit on a small tray that I can slide right into the freezer perfectly. Admittedly, I’ve never had a lower, drawer-style freezer, but every time I’ve opened one, at someone else’s house, it’s been packed to the gills with no wiggle room whatsoever. To me, it seems to store things less efficiently.

However, I find that even when my freezer is fully stocked, I can always squeeze one more little treat inside, and usually it’s flatbread. I guess the very nature of “flat” bread makes it a good candidate for fitting into a tight place!

But in all seriousness, what can’t this stuff do? We all know flatbread can make super pizzas, wraps, crackers, chips, and sandwiches. I guess when flatbread is used for desserts and sweet applications, that impresses me the most. It just gets me right here (thumps chest) with the ingenuity and creativity all the cooks around the world possess in order to come up with a healthier, sweet snack or dessert for people to enjoy. It’s no small feat. I just love it!

Anyways, this flatbread bark gets its sweetness from raspberries and a little bit of sugar-free chocolate. If you don’t have pistachios, by all means use walnuts, pecans, or even pepitas. Mix up your favors; flatbread is all about creativity and having fun while making smarter food choices everyday.

Stay sweet!

-Amy at Flatout

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