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Rustic Italian Flatbread

Sometimes, simplicity is best. So many restaurants I visit tend to pile on ingredients like they’re going out of style, in an effort to impress, but sometimes I think it can overwhelm the palette. During a recent visit to a well regarded pastificio, my better half and I ordered a single ravioli as an appetizer. When it arrived at the table, it was so buried with micro herbs, slivers of radishes, beets, and nuts, we couldn’t see the ravioli. We had to dig through with our forks, sort of like one does when raking leaves. Every plate we ordered came out covered in “stuff.” It was pretty, but it didn’t always add to the overall taste.

My thought has always been that unless the flavors in a dish could really benefit from an added ingredient, I prefer to keep it as streamlined as possible. And that philosophy carries over into everything, even something as mundane as cheese pizza. Because what’s better, really, than cheese pizza? It’s a staple, even a comfort food, well loved by kids and adults alike. This cheese pizza cooks up in less time than almost any frozen pizza, so there’s no need to buy frozen. You have fresh, with some Flatout!

This flatbread uses good, quality ingredients: Roma tomatoes, oregano, and fresh mozzarella. It’s as simple and delicious as it gets! And not a wafer thin beet slice in site, my friends, I promise. Enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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