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Salmon Nori Wrap

This post is not sponsored by Groupon, I swear! In fact, it might be a warning. I will admit: I get into serious trouble with Groupon, and Groupon gets me into trouble, often. These are two separate things! Sometimes, in the morning over coffee (or late at night if I can’t sleep) I will peruse Groupon for sweet deals, just like they want me to. Usually, I’ll buy a deal or two, especially if it’s a restaurant that I want to try in my neighborhood, or a new local yoga place. (I love being able to walk to yoga.) Sounds innocent enough, right? Until I accidentally buy more than one of something in a computer mishap. And until I forget about the deals I bought and at the last minute, almost ninety days later, my better half and I are scrambling around trying to use them all up before they expire. That creates a major headache for us, which is doubled, because my better half, in his frugal moments, buys Groupons too.

Just this weekend it happened: three months after one of our buying sprees. I had a perfectly good filet of salmon sitting out to thaw, ready for dinner. Everyone was working away, minding their own business. Until: “Uh-oh,” he says. “What?” I respond. “Our Groupon is about to expire.” We look at each other with terror for a moment, then race out the door to claim our giant bag of fried fish. This happened! The salmon went uncooked, and I grilled it off to make a flatbread recipe or two once we were feeling repentant for having consumed a giant bag of fried fish.

But oh, the luxuries of having enough leftover grilled salmon from the weekend to be able to concoct this divine little flatbread wrap today, using nori, a toasted sheet of pressed seaweed, inside the flatbread. Wasabi flavored mayonnaise makes it hurt just a little. Ingenious! Lots of flavors, loads of texture, and no fried fish in sight, all thanks to Groupon.

-Amy at Flatout

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