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Steak, Mushroom, & Blue Cheese Foldit

This flatbread sandwich takes a page out of a steakhouse’s playbook, with juicy sautéed mushrooms, melty blue cheese, and steak, steak, and more steak. I ask you: what’s not to love about that? Oh, don’t forget a little leaf of bitter radicchio, just to add some crunch and offset the richness of everything else.

Since I’ve been growing radicchio in my garden this year, every time I’d visit, I couldn’t help but notice the plants just weren’t turning that deep shade of ruby red I’ve always loved. Instead, the meaty leaves were a very intentional pale green, even though they felt and tasted like radicchio.

I called up my best friend Michele, who was generous enough to share the seeds with me this spring. As it happened, the seeds she planted never came up in her garden, so that wasn’t much help in solving the mystery. Then she sent me a picture of the seed packet she had ordered. It turns out that this particular variety of radicchio was a little known type, Castelfranco, an heirloom plant, known for its…pale green leaves. (The ruby red variety you commonly see is called “Chioggia,” in case anyone wonders.)

Now that we knew what was growing, I decided to pick as much as I could before the lettuce bolted, or went to seed. What a meaty, thick leaf! And bitter, too, just like other kinds of radicchio I’ve tried.

We had so much, I had to add some to our impromptu dinner last night, made from leftovers from the weekend: a flatbread sandwich piled high with all the decadent flavors my better half loves. Don’t get me wrong, I love a stinky blue cheese as much as he does, and Cambazola melts so wonderfully that it’s a shoe-in for this steak recipe.

Run-of-the-mill button mushrooms can be sautéed in water or broth and added to salads, wraps, pizzas, all through the week, so those giant boxes you see at the store needn’t be intimidating. Just cook ’em up and save them for the week.

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than a sandwich, and a whole grain Foldit makes quite a nice sandwich indeed, turning leftovers into a gourmet meal in almost no time at all. We use a grill, grill pan, or a panini press to grill our sammies, depending on our mood, the time we have, or if it’s raining out. Nothing will get in the way of our flatbread sandwich hunger.

-Amy at Flatout

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Grilled Portobello Pizza

This pizza has been selected as one of our Great for the Grill recipes. When the weather is gorgeous, dust off that outdoor grill and make a flatbread pizza, alfresco, for your hungry party. There’s nothing better than a hint of woodsmoke on your melted cheese, and these flatbread pizzas cook even faster on the grill than they do in the oven. You don’t need a fancy pizza steel (but feel free to use one) for the flatbreads, just a spatula and tongs, tools you already have. It may be time to switch it up and eat pizza from the grill tonight!

Read how easy it is to grill your own healthier, gourmet flatbread pizza below the recipe.

Mushrooms are pretty heroic as a food. Sure, they serve as a delicious substitute for meat in recipes, but I think they hold their own as a star attraction, too. This flatbread pizza proves it! Portobello mushrooms marinate beautifully, and then can be cooked on the grill much like a steak or burger, with wonderful results.

On warm nights, when we don’t feel like heating up the kitchen, this flatbread pizza is just the thing to make outside on the grill with whatever garden herbs we have. The mushrooms can soak up their marinade all day, so when we get home all we have to do is light the grill and open a bottle of something, relaxing outdoors while the flatbread cooks. It’s an easy weeknight vegetarian dinner!

Summer means that there are herbs all over the place in gardens, farmer’s markets, and even on the street! Outside my local movie theatre they grow mint and rosemary in huge planters, so I make sure to pinch a few stems of mint off the plants when I walk by. Mint grows wild, so no one minds! It tastes so great in a glass of ice water or tea in the summer. And the rosemary attracts bees, which is good for, well, everything. There’s nothing wrong with a little urban foraging every once in awhile…

Adding lots of fresh herbs while they’re plentiful is a good way to pack a lot of flavor into your meals while watching what you eat. Eating more mushrooms is a delicious way to go meatless and increase your daily number of vegetables. That means that this flatbread recipe is a win-win!

-Amy at Flatout

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Autumn Salad Flatout Bowls

Did you know that sweet potatoes, when eaten with the skins on, are healthy and delicious? Yep, they are! You can eat them every day.

This hearty salad has all the right stuff to get you through the short, chilly fall days. Wild rice, roasted sweet potatoes, apples, dried cranberries, and tender mushrooms come together in a wholegrain flatbread bowl for a lunch that is anything but boring. Easy to make, delicious to eat. That’s what we’re about at Flatout.

Autumn Salad Flatout Bowls 

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