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Grilled Jerk Chicken Pizza

The perfect summer chicken pizza is just around the corner with this quick and easy tropical flatbread recipe featuring jerk marinade, mozzarella cheese, and a cool crunchy cucumber relish. Jerk spices traditionally include allspice, (also called pimenton) Scotch Bonnet peppers, thyme, garlic, and chilis; that means this pizza is a little sweet and a lot spicy! But don’t worry, because the cucumber relish that’s spooned over the top after it’s cooked will cool you off nicely. Crank up some Peter Tosh and let’s get busy!

Some of you may already know how fond we are of Jamaican style jerk chicken in my house. We always have our favorite bottle of jerk sauce somewhere in the pantry, ready to marinate some chicken breast on short notice. With the weather being so lovely lately, we’ve been in the habit of making our meals on the grill, especially flatbread pizza!

The same little Russian grocery at the end of my street has, in addition to a huge selection of sardines, a wall of halvah, (I call it a walvah) and a mind-boggling selection of smoked salmon and lox, also oddly has the very brand of jerk sauce we love. I could make my own, but why mess with a great thing? Bottled sauce it is. Easy weeknight dinner!

The cucumber relish was my own stroke of genius, here. Not only did it cool the fire of those Scotch Bonnets off, but it added a really nice dimension of flavor and texture to the flatbread. Cucumbers and radishes are extra tasty right now, so pile your flatbread high with all the vegetables your heart desires! Because your heart does indeed desire vegetables.

Now about that Peter Tosh…

-Amy at Flatout

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