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Shrimp Verde Flatbread

Picture yourself on a little beach somewhere in coastal South America, where shade is hard to find, the water is a gorgeous aquamarine, and the sand is glittering white. Sunbathing, even shadebathing, is hard work, and since you’ve already eaten all the chili dusted mango slices you packed this morning, you’re ready for lunch.

A little hole in the wall just footsteps away from the beach serving succulent shrimp with some sort of verde sauce is the only thing you can find to eat, so of course you buy a plate and dig in. One bite and you know you’ve struck gold, green gold! What is that amazing sauce, and how can it be so spicy and yet so intensely flavorful? Without hesitation you order another plate, this time to try and figure out how to replicate the sauce once you wake up….. Too late, the alarm rings and you realize it’s Wednesday and you have a work presentation in three hours. Talk about rude awakening! The sauce would have to wait…

This green sauce is anything but mean. Oh, yes, it’s spicy, but that’s part of its allure. I make up batches of this sauce in the food processor to use in flatbread recipes, eggs, pizzas, almost everything that could use a fiery little kick. In this recipe, it acts as a nice, zesty base for your cooked shrimp. It truly is the stuff dreams are made of!

-Amy at Flatout

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BBQ Chicken Pizza

Abbey Sharp from Abbey’s Kitchen knows that healthy eating is all about making beautiful food with tons of colorful veggies and lean protein. Flatout flatbreads are the perfect thing for her trio of pizza recipes she makes outside on the grill. We love them all so much, there’s no way we can pick a favorite; it’s a win-win-win!

Abbey made us three lovely flatbread pizza recipes, so be sure to get the recipes for her other flatbreads: the Pear, Walnut and Blue Cheese Pizza, and Corn Cilantro Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes and Avocado. They will not disappoint!

In this recipe, Abbey adds pickled jalapeños to her fabulous take on a classic: BBQ chicken pizza. Crack open a bottle of your favorite sauce, slice up some pineapple, and get ready to make more than one of these, because they’ll go fast.

Thanks, Abbey!

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Texas Caviar with Sriracha Flatbread Chips

The award season came and went, and you know what that means! Put away your sequins, your de la Renta, your satin, your tux, and roll up that red carpet! Or, better yet, stay in your joggers and jammies like we do and make some fancy snacks to eat in the comfort and privacy of your own living room while watching movies. My better half and I have been couch potatoes as of late, getting caught up on all the award winning movies. It’s been our thing the last few years to make a bunch of appetizers to nosh on while watching all the films that won, after the fact. That way we can stay at home and make our own food, rather than relying on over-priced movie theatre concessions. My better half’s popcorn is way better, besides.

We like to keep it fresh and exciting when we make our snacks, and I’m not talking about wings and pizza and queso dip. We simply have to stay on track at this crucial time of year. It’s not winter, it doesn’t yet feel like spring, but summer is closer than we care to admit. And to me, that’s another excuse to try out a flatbread appetizer, like this one for Texas Caviar.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, maybe even the flatbread! One thing Texas doesn’t have is fish eggs, but they have beans, and lots of them. Black eyed peas to be exact, and this canned bean salsa-style dip was originally served on New Years, to honor the tradition of eating black eyed peas for wealth and good health in the new year. It can be sweet or savory, depending on how you like your vinaigrette, but this one is savory and the baked flatbread chips that go with it are pure zingy, crispy, spicy, chippy goodness.

You already know that beans are an excellent source of protein and may be helpful for your, ahem, heart. The great thing about this dip is that the beans feel extra special. There’s tons of flavor, loads of texture, and a spicy baked flatbread to boot.

So go ahead and veg out a little, just make sure you eat your veggies when you do it.

-Amy at Flatout

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Tofu Banh Mi Wrap

If the Earl of Sandwich had even an inkling that, many years later, across the globe, somewhere in French-colonized Vietnam the sandwich to beat all sandwiches was to be born, he would jump in a time machine and travel just to eat a banh mi, a beautiful, near perfect sandwich made with warm French baguette, pâté and other meat, chili peppers, pickled vegetables, and cilantro. He would probably never leave, either, finding the climate more agreeable and the sandwich so delicious.

But then, because everyone knows that you just cannot mess with time, he’d ruin everything somehow with his presence/influence and the banh mi would probably not be the ultimate sandwich that it most definitely is.

I probably have at least five pounds of frozen baguette crumbs in my car crevices from eating these sandwiches while driving, unable to wait to get home to scarf up a freshly made masterpiece. Unfortunately, I probably have (at least) five extra pounds on my person as well from eating so many, too.

In an effort to slim down, last week I hacked the banh mi, by making it vegetarian, and using a lower calorie flatbread wrap to contain all the bright, fresh flavors. I think it worked! A spicy mayo, not unheard of in a traditional banh mi, adds a kick, as do the very thin slices of jalapeño chili. The tofu adds some much needed protein, and the vegetables are there for crunch, crunch, and more crunch. Quickly pickling all the veggies in brine makes everything sing with flavor. The flatbread holds it all together, and makes it a fabulous meal.

Thanks for nothing, Earl! I got this one right here.

-Amy at Flatout

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