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Matcha Coconut Ice Cream Sandwiches

I adore coffee and tea of any kind, so when it comes to new and unusual trendy beverages, I’m always rubbing my hands together with maniacal enthusiasm. Oh, there’s a new drink? Pass me a straw! Recently, I ordered a fancy green tea latte this week at my local haunt and LOVED it. Matcha, a finely ground Japanese green tea powder, is super hip everywhere right now and can be found in everything from candy bars to cocktails. In fact, my friend just brought me a green tea Kit Kat from Japan, so matcha is indeed getting more mainstream.

Just because it’s steamy outside doesn’t mean you have to strictly forgo your hot green tea lattes. Just make an icy treat instead! Matcha can be used in all sorts of delectable treats. I especially like it paired with chocolate of all kinds, from white to dark. The creaminess of the cocoa butter blends so nicely with the tannic properties of the matcha; it’s a matcha made in heaven.

Yeah, I just said that, and I’m not even sorry! Anyways, you may or may not already know that Foldit flatbread makes primo ice cream sandwich material, so if you think of yourself as a fancy dessert lover, this flatbread recipe is definitely for you. It’s got everything, down to the last coconutty, chocolatey bite.

Once the ice cream flatbread sandwiches are made and frozen solid, you’re ready to dip into the chocolate. Kids and guests alike can help out in this department, because it’s fun to do, so don’t be afraid to ask! Then pop ’em back in to chill in the freezer and they’re ready to serve just as soon as dinner is over; you’ll be the hit of the party this summer.

Matcha is high in chlorophyll and L-Theanine, so, like green tea, it can give you a little boost in energy, which makes these frozen treats the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

If you love flatbread like me, then chances are you like to experiment and get creative in the kitchen. So of course can play around with different ice cream or frozen yogurt flavors and a variety of crunchy toppings! I personally love white chocolate or a rich natural vanilla bean. (Not that a mint chocolate chip wouldn’t be good, or a mango…sigh.) Thank goodness I have a big tin of matcha, a whole bunch of flatbreads, and that summer lasts awhile.

Here’s to frozen treats made healthier with flatbread!

Happy summer,

-Amy at Flatout

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