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Turkey Bacon Pizza with Roasted Garlic

This beautiful recipe is big on garlicky flavor and SmartPoints friendly, plus it satisfies any burning pizza desire, all thanks to flatbread’s versatility.

Last year, my efforts to grow my own garlic in the big city sort of fizzled, when, come July, I pulled up little heads of garlic not much bigger than the cloves I planted the fall before. I think the soil was far too compacted from years of friendly neglect (and day lilies) that those sweet little bulbs just couldn’t grow any bigger. I used up every bit I grew, though, and only this week did I head to the store for a fresh supply. Next year, my garlic will hopefully be a success, thanks to a very kind neighbor a block over with dark, beautiful dirt and a lot of space. Thanks, Robert! Here’s to our shared garlic in 2017.

Because the grocery store bulbs are much larger, that means I’m freely roasting whole huge heads of Spanish garlic again, and the house smells great because of it. Roasted garlic is largely very low in calories, but it provides a lot of the things that high calorie foods are typically known for: richness, moisture, flavor, and depth. Roasted garlic does all of these things in spades. Plus it wards off vampires, so….bonus!

In this recipe, we slather the roasted garlic on our Light Original flatbread like a sauce, then add the ingredients on top. The heat of the garlic is softened way down from roasting, so don’t skimp or worry about the dreaded garlic breath. This pizza is going to be worth it. Do you really want to be around someone who would be offended by garlic, anyways? I thought not. After all, they might be a vampire….

-Amy at Flatout

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Rustic Chickpea Spread with Flatbread Parmesan Crisps

Every month I have been trying to incorporate a dip recipe into the mix, so I have the excuse to bake up a bunch of flatbread chips in the oven, each batch flavored a different way. We are great noshers in our household. In fact, I think my better half, before we met, ate most of his meals standing up at the counter with the refrigerator door wide open, for light…when we met we had snacking in common, so we both love and appreciate the versatility (and low carb count) of flatbread chips. Season them, squirt some lime juice on them, bake them. Perfect for healthy snacking.

This simple chickpea spread is perfect to make in a hurry when you have the munchies and need some protein. It’s a dip that works perfectly with the richness of the parmesan cheese baked onto the flatbread chips, and gives a nice Italian flavor to the whole affair, too.
You’re gonna love it!

Amy at Flatout

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