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Shrimp Salad Wrap

Somewhere in the depths of my cabinets, I have a set of little yellow porcelain dishes that once belonged to my grandma. They’re shaped like little fish, hollowed out on top to hold something like a seafood salad. I love them, but they take up a lot of space because they don’t stack, whatsoever. I need to be able to store them in a special way and they claim more room than I think they should.

I’ve held onto them all these years out of sentimentality; they remind me of the fancy luncheons my grandma used to give for her “card ladies.” Her girlfriends, who she’d play bridge with, would arrive at her house ready to eat, drink, and be merry about every month or so. The little dishes would be filled with shrimp salad and arranged on a tray for the ladies to take as individual servings. I thought it was so cool to have a dish all to yourself, and shaped like a fish, to boot! The spread was very old-fashioned, and it was so much fun to “help” my grandma get ready for the afternoon. (Because who am I kidding, I was probably more of a bother to her while she was trying to get ready!) Once they arrived, I’d be on my best behavior, introduce myself, etc, but then I’d be on my own to play with the toys my grandma kept at her house for visits. (The Evel Knievel motorcycle toy, in particular, all to myself. Oh how I dearly loved that toy!)

Anyways, the fish dishes found their way to me when she downsized (she didn’t have room for them either) and they’ve been with me ever since. Maybe it’s because I don’t play bridge, but I have never thrown a party where I got to use them. So there they sit, waiting.

I think it’d be easier to just find a reason to bring out the dishes than it would be to teach my friends to play cards, so as of today, I’m vowing to do it. This recipe is based on the shrimp salad that my grandma was very fond of serving inside the little fish; although, if flatbread had been around for her parties, she probably would have made this wrap instead, and sold the dishes in a yard sale. The flatbread wrap makes for tidy eating while you’re holding a hand of cards!

-Amy at Flatout

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Tuna Salad Wrap

You just can’t beat a classic tuna salad when it’s time for lunch. Rolled up in a wholegrain flatbread with some lettuce, it makes a fun and satisfying midday meal. Your favorite tuna salad will do, or make our extra-light version here, at only 4 WW® SmartPoints® per serving. Kick it old school, tuna lovers!

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