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Leftover Lamb Meatball Flatbread

A little ground lamb goes a long way when it’s used on a flatbread in this super-fresh recipe that’s chock full of clean, crisp flavors. Cool cucumber and mint, tomatoes, red onion, and briny feta cheese mean there won’t be any leftovers! This shareable flatbread is only 8 WW® SmartPoints® value per serving.

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Open Faced Salmon Flatbread

Let’s talk snacking! It’s not off limits; in fact, sometimes it’s necessary to snack throughout the day. I always feel great having a little bite of something in the mid-morning or afternoon. The Scandinavians and the British have tea time and dedicated coffee breaks every day just so they can snack away, come mid-afternoon. It’s a necessity, a staple of their society and culture.

Because I’ve never been a day long coffee drinker, when I need a little boost in the caffeine department, I’ve started drinking tea in the afternoon. And as you might imagine, tea inspires tea-time snacks. Sometimes sweet, sometimes savory, but always flatbread and always wonderful.

This flatbread recipe takes a page out of the snack book and makes a fabulous light meal or shared snack. Smoked salmon draped over crisp flatbread with your choice of light and interesting toppings; there’s nothing better! And no need to cut the crusts off of fussy little sandwiches; this is flatbread. From end to end, it’s pure delicious.

Dust off that teapot and brew up your favorite darjeeling or oolong, then make some open-faced flatbread sandwiches to accompany it. I promise your afternoon will sail by!

-Amy at Flatout

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Baked Chicken Shawarma Wrap

Sometimes chicken gets a bum rap. Everyone eats it, everyone likes it, but some people don’t even call it “chicken” anymore, they’ve taken to calling it “protein.” Well, chicken is protein, that much is true, but it seems sort of clinical and detached to call an animal “protein” instead of what it is, a chicken. Maybe it’s because we are so used to buying packages of chicken parts in the store, with no real thought given to the whole animal, and we’ve forgotten that in addition to the breasts we’ve come to consider lean protein, there’s other delicious and flavorful parts of the bird that are going by the wayside.

I’ve made the switch recently to buying whole chickens at the store instead of just their parts. I taught myself how to cut up a chicken for cooking, (thanks YouTube!) although mostly I roast my birds whole. I cover them with chopped garlic and herbs, stuff a single lemon inside the body, and salt and pepper the whole shebang before sticking it in the oven. The house smells so great when it’s cooking! Our small family gets two nice meals out of one chicken, more if we use flatbread, then I make stock from the carcass so the whole animal is used. It makes phenomenal soup later on! Plus I really and truly believe that whole farm chickens are way more flavorful (and less expensive!) than the bulk chicken breasts lining the shelves.

Of course, we flatbread lovers know how to make short work of a rotisserie chicken, so I’m not alone in my love of the whole bird. You can use any type of chicken for this flatbread recipe, but boneless skinless breasts have the lowest SmartPoints value. So now that you know how to cut up a whole chicken, the sky is the limit! This flatbread recipe for baked chicken shawarma uses lots of herbs and spices for a flavorful and beautiful wrap that’s easy to throw together with a little time for roasting. Get to cooking, flatbreaders!

-Amy at Flatout

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Citrus Thai Shrimp Wrap

Winter citrus fruits just sparkle, don’t they? A couple years ago, in January, I visited some good friends in Phoenix. It seriously was the best decision of my life! My plane got cancelled due to weather a couple times, but I finally made it and landed in what felt like heaven. My goodness, the sun- how it shined that January. Such a stark contrast to what was one of the worst documented winters in my hometown. We hiked, we walked, we grilled flatbread pizzas outside, we drank wine, all in perfect weather.

In the early mornings, because I was up earlier than everyone due to the time change, I’d walk through the sleepy little neighborhood, and soon enough realized that most of the houses’ backyards were filled with citrus trees that would hang way down over the fences in the alleys, just begging to be picked. I started carrying bags with me on those walks, filling them with huge grapefruits, blood oranges, lemons, and tangelos. I’d bring them back, juice ‘em, and that was how we started the day. It was heavenly.

When I left, I stuffed as many grapefruit as I could into my duffel bag to take back home. It made the space around me in the plane smell fabulous. I’m sure the flight attendants were used to people doing that every winter. I just couldn’t help myself. Those grapefruits tasted better than any I’ve ever had, since. But maybe it was because of the sunny memories with friends and the fact that they were free, picked in an alley!

Either way, this flatbread recipe shines with in-season citrus segments and lots of low-calorie shrimp. A perfect reminder that food eaten seasonally tastes the best. Enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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Baba Ghanoush Salad Wrap

I have a thing for eggplants. First of all, they are delicious. They’re such a beautiful, deep dark purple (or white, or green) and an otherworldly shape. They make a nice, satisfying thunk when you pat them. With their super shiny skin and crazy shapes, I’m always impressed when I see a mature fruit, hanging off its plant.

But despite my efforts, I’ve never been able to successfully grow an eggplant, ever. In fact, they seem impossible to grow. How does something that appears to look so manufactured, more like part vegetable, part new car, actually grow? Evidently they need a ton of sunlight, and pretty consistent warm temperatures, to get a good yield. At this point in my life, and in my gardening career, I prefer to think of them as just magical.

Eggplant slices can be fabulous on the grill, stuffed, or roasted in cubes and then tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and parsley for an impromptu eggplant salad you can stuff in a flatbread, or pick up with some baked flatbread chips. After we’re finished grilling dinner, I’ll often wrap a couple big boys in foil and throw them in the cooler grill to slow roast, pulling them out before bed so I can make baba ghanoush the next day.

My favorite: smoky, silky purée of eggplant, baba ghanoush, is also easy to make, if you have a little extra time and some big gorgeous eggplants. If your grocery your favorite ready made, then by all means use theirs. This flatbread recipe has a lot going on, and it all works perfectly to make a very satisfying, vegetable packed lunch you’ll return to, again and again.

-Amy at Flatout

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Grilled Jerk Chicken Pizza

The perfect summer chicken pizza is just around the corner with this quick and easy tropical flatbread recipe featuring jerk marinade, mozzarella cheese, and a cool crunchy cucumber relish. Jerk spices traditionally include allspice, (also called pimenton) Scotch Bonnet peppers, thyme, garlic, and chilis; that means this pizza is a little sweet and a lot spicy! But don’t worry, because the cucumber relish that’s spooned over the top after it’s cooked will cool you off nicely. Crank up some Peter Tosh and let’s get busy!

Some of you may already know how fond we are of Jamaican style jerk chicken in my house. We always have our favorite bottle of jerk sauce somewhere in the pantry, ready to marinate some chicken breast on short notice. With the weather being so lovely lately, we’ve been in the habit of making our meals on the grill, especially flatbread pizza!

The same little Russian grocery at the end of my street has, in addition to a huge selection of sardines, a wall of halvah, (I call it a walvah) and a mind-boggling selection of smoked salmon and lox, also oddly has the very brand of jerk sauce we love. I could make my own, but why mess with a great thing? Bottled sauce it is. Easy weeknight dinner!

The cucumber relish was my own stroke of genius, here. Not only did it cool the fire of those Scotch Bonnets off, but it added a really nice dimension of flavor and texture to the flatbread. Cucumbers and radishes are extra tasty right now, so pile your flatbread high with all the vegetables your heart desires! Because your heart does indeed desire vegetables.

Now about that Peter Tosh…

-Amy at Flatout

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