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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark

Flatout artisan pizza crusts are so versatile. Not only to they bake or grill up the most delicious pizzas and flatbreads, but they can be used to make fabulous desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth, too. This flatbread recipe by Amy for dark chocolate peanut butter bark is a dream come true! We love Peanut Butter & Co. for this recipe. All the peanut flavor you love with 90% less fat, and a touch of honey sweetness!
Thanks, Amy!

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Mini S’mores Tacos

What’s a summer barbeque without roasted marshmallows and s’mores? For a child with diabetes, this traditional treat is often off limits. But with a few simple adjustments, these Mini S’mores Tacos made with Flatout FoldIts can be enjoyed without worry by every member of the family. Thanks to the whole grain, high fiber addition of the Flatout FoldIt, this lower carbohydrate version of the traditional s’more will have a smaller impact on blood sugar levels without sacrificing taste.

This may be the BEST possible way to spend 95 calories: toasty marshmallows, melty chocolate, and sweet graham-cracker crumbs in a crispy taco shell…Recipe courtesy of Hungry Girl. Sign up for the free daily emails at hungry-girl.com

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Mango Chocolate Hearts

Love is in the air! Mango and chocolate love, that is. If you’re wondering how you can properly celebrate Valentine’s Day and still be true to your caloric intake, try these heart shaped flatbread sandwich cookies filled with mango preserves (or any fruit you wish) and dipped in deep, dark chocolate. A little goes a long way.

Last year my mom bought me a bag of chocolate dipped mango slices. I have to say, at first, I was dubious. Mango and chocolate, really? But then my better half dug into the bag and fell on the grenade. He bit into one and slowly made his way, with the bag, into the next room. When I tracked him down, I could tell he loved them- and so did I. The bag soon disappeared into the ether.

Those chocolate dipped mangoes no longer exist, but in the spirit of love, I used those treats as inspiration for this flatbread recipe. You need a little something with your sweetheart to celebrate. And these little beauties are meant to be shared with your parents, kids, aunts, uncles, neighbors, whomever you’re close to and want to give a little love.

Because, as the talented Dionne Warwick used to sing: what the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing there’s just too little of… No, not just for some, but for everyone. I think this is especially true right now.

So make a batch of these little valentines and prepare to share the love.

ww mango chocolate hearts

-Amy at Flatout

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Sweet Quesadillas

Any way you want it, flatbread can do it. Take, for instance, our sweet flatbread quesadilla duo: on one, spread some of your favorite nut butter, then add bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast on Sunday morning. On the next, take dessert to the next level with marshmallow spread, bananas, and mini chocolate chips. Whipped cream and chocolate sauce seals the delicious deal. Perfect for the end of a romantic meal for two! Whichever one you’re in the mood for, our video takes you through every sweet step:

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