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South of France Flatbread

I must be dreaming of all things French lately, because what I’ve been making to eat is très français! This lovely baked flatbread is a version of pissaladière, a Provençal tart made with olives, onions, and anchovies. Caramelized onions are super easy to make without butter or added fat; all you need to do is get a good non-stick pan, spray a little cooking oil on it to start, and then add a whole slew of thinly sliced onions and start stirring. Once the onions start to look dry, add a bit of water to deglaze the pan, stir the onions around some more, and repeat the process of adding the water, stirring, and deglazing until everything is caramelized and delicious looking.

Anchovies are power houses of fishy flavor, but rarely do I use up a whole tin of them at a time. Usually I forget that I have them and they disappear into the recesses of my refrigerator, only to be dumped out weeks later. This is a nice way to use a leftover tin after making a Caesar salad or puttanesca sauce. Of course, no one will stop you if you decide to use a whole tin and make two or three of these flatbreads for a little happy hour at your house, either…just a suggestion.

The onions make a moist and rich-tasting base for this flatbread, so there’s no cheese (read: extra calories) needed. All you need to do is find a friend or two who loves anchovies as much as you do, and invite them over. And ask them for a bottle of rosé, if they ask you what they might bring. We all need a little more rosé in our lives, after all!

-Amy at Flatout

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