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The Sweetest Potato Wrap

Many vegetarian individuals who have diabetes struggle to find meal options that provide adequate protein without an abundance of carbohydrates. Wrap sandwiches can seem off limits for those with diabetes as they typically contain a high amount of carbohydrates and can elevated blood glucose levels. However, by swapping a traditional wrap for a fiber rich Flatout Flatbread, you can enjoy the sandwich you love without worry. This nutrient-packed recipe provides a healthy source of plant-based protein from the beans, while keeping the fiber high and the carbs lower than a traditional wrap sandwich. Enjoy this whole wrap as a meal or eat only half as a fiber rich snack for a diabetes friendly menu option your taste buds will love.

Since it’s meatless May around our house, or at least I’ve declared it to be, we are attempting to eat the rainbow, vegetable-wise, every single day. While it’s so easy to eat our browns and whites (hello chocolate cake and milk! hello flatbread and peanut butter!) this recipe gets us to eat our greens, purples, and oranges, which means lots of antioxidants and phyto nutrients to keep us healthy.

Let’s discuss the sweet potato, shall we? The first thing I think of is sweet potato casserole, that sticky, sort of gross Thanksgiving dish covered in nuts and marshmallows. Nope. The next thing I tend to think of is sweet potato fries: pretty good, but who needs another fried food to eat, really? I avoided the sweet potato for most of my life, I admit, because of that holiday casserole. But then I ate them roasted in a savory way, with a salsa verde and cumin, and I was an immediate sweet potato convert. The natural sweetness of the potato really shines when cooked without a lot of extra sugary glop.

This flatbread burrito recipe uses grated sweet potato as a quick alternative to slow roasting. Grating raw potato and sautéing it cooks up fast and makes it easy to roll up. It’s a favorite staple at our house; I cook up a big batch of filling to have on hand for easy flatbread lunches and dinners during the week. The red cabbage is for crunch, and the avocado adds a richness that makes meatless May an absolute breeze.

This recipe doesn’t need cheese, but you can add a crumbly queso fresco if you like. My better half has more difficulty going meatless than I do, so he likes to add cheese when he can. It makes him feel better, somehow. And I’m okay with that, as long as he’s eating lots of colorful vegetables, and low carb flatbread.

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