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Flatout Salad Bowl

With only 3 WW® SmartPoints® value per serving, this cute little salad bowl is a great choice in your weekly rotation. Need a fun first course for a dinner party? Look no further, just bake up some flatbread bowls beforehand and you’re more than halfway finished. And the best part: no dishes to wash afterwards! So grab your favorite flatbread flavor, bake it up, and fill it high with salad greens and fresh, crisp vegetables.

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Ham and Cheese Veggie Wrap

Loaded with crisp veggies, this ultra flavorful flatbread wrap deserves to be in your lunchbox on a regular basis. This flatbread also makes a wonderful road trip sandwich, so you can forget stopping at sketchy greasy spoons or fast food joints; roll up a couple of these babies, load them up in your cooler with some fun drinks, and hit the road. If you run out? Hit a grocery store and make some more, easy.

Growing up, my mom was (and still is) an artist, but way back then, she and my dad would exhibit and sell her work at traveling outdoor art shows all over the country. Because we had a van, I got to go along on weekends, so I basically grew up on the road, as an art fair brat. My mom would pack a red and white cooler full of sandwiches she had made, stock it with fruit and potato chips, and that would sit up front between my parents’ seats. When someone got hungry, she’d simply fish out half a sandwich of their preferred variety, and no one had to stop for anything but bathroom breaks and gas. That cooler is still in use, to this day, keeping her snacks fresh and at the ready.

Now that I think about it, there wasn’t a fraction of the road food options that there are these days, and eating on the road mostly meant sitting down in a restaurant or eating hamburgers, which quickly got old (and expensive.) I’d like to think that my mom and dad were doing their best to feed us healthy food while being as efficient as possible with the fewest stops and the least amount of money spent. Besides which, they often drove at night, so I usually travelled in my pajamas; that would have made for an awkward dining experience at any traditional, sit-down restaurant.

Now that there are so many fast food and fast casual choices while driving across the country, it’s tempting to take advantage of them on the way to a destination. But with a little planning, I’ve learned that making my own wraps and snacks, especially with flatbread, allows me to save money, time, and SmartPoints for when I really want them. Besides all that, they make delicious flatbread sandwiches. And I have my mom and dad to thank!

-Amy at Flatout

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