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BBQ Shrimp Pizza

Seriously, is there anything that doesn’t go well with BBQ sauce? My current hometown just doesn’t understand it, but my old hometown, Kansas City, is the capital of barbecue, so everyone there, well, they understand. The grocery stores in KC have an aisle dedicated to their beloved sauces, and here? Maybe one or two kinds, tops, and neither is very good.

Never fear, because down in my basement, I have a cabinet stocked for the year with all my favorite saucy varieties, brought in whenever I make a visit. The bottles make great gifts, as they introduce newbies to what makes a “real” sauce. Next time you’re in KC or some other famous BBQ town, stop at a grocery store and stock up on sauce. Bring a bottle along with your favorite wine or beverage. Your friends will love you for it!

In our house, barbecue sauce tastes great on everything. It really does! You’d be hard pressed to find a ketchup bottle anywhere, but  we’ll add sauce to wedges of crispy potatoes, some leftover chicken, steak, pork, and in this flatbread recipe, shrimp! Its spicy sweetness is perfect for this flatbread, which I load up with freshly chopped onions and cilantro when it comes out of the oven.

This flatbread recipe comes together in under twenty minutes, even if you have frozen shrimp. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or fun lunch any day of the week.

-Amy at Flatout

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