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Shrimp BLT

A BLT is sort of like mac and cheese, in that it’s beauty lies in it’s utter simplicity. But when something is so delicious, it’s often tempting to try to improve upon the classic. For example, adding spicy wilted greens, or even lobster, to mac and cheese makes it pretty fantastic. Or adding avocado to a BLT, or sneaking a rich, runny egg in between the bread slices is totally wonderful. No one has ever said ‘no’ to any of these fabulous elaborations.

Enter flatbread. When I was blessed with a couple extra shrimp leftover from last night’s rice bowl, I jumped at the chance to add them to a flatbread BLT for lunch today, especially since that meant that my better half and I wouldn’t have to spar for the last couple shrimp! Two shrimp do not make a meal, people, not by a long shot. It would only be a matter of time before I’d walk into the kitchen to find him popping them into his mouth with abandon, so I had to think fast. By adding them to a brand new meal, we could share them, which is completely fair and more than generous of me, if I do say so myself….leftover shrimp don’t last long around here.

The things we do for love. Shrimp love, that is! Every bit a BLT, this flatbread sammie is even better with a tender, juicy shrimp nestled in with the other ingredients. Just grab some flatbread, find your juiciest tomato, smokiest bacon, crispiest lettuce, and favorite mayonnaise. Then add some shrimp: large or small, it doesn’t matter! If you have shrimp for one, but need a meal for two, you can make this indulgent take on an already delicious and classic sandwich.

-Amy at Flatout

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Maple Bacon B’Fast Burrito

Turn breakfast from ho-hum to A-HA! with this make ahead flatbread breakfast burrito filled with bacon, eggs, spinach, and a hint of maple syrup. They’re a snap to make in batches to freeze for when you’re running late, which makes them a real life-saver when you need breakfast fast. We used a high protein, low carb flatbread with sea salt and crushed black pepper, but any of our flatbread flavors will work! Our video runs you through the steps:

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Mini Club Sandwich

My dad and I used to go out for lunch every once in awhile, and when we did, nine times out of ten, we’d split a club sandwich at a diner or other lunch place. Kid’s menus were hard to come by in those days, and I wasn’t big enough to eat my own entrée, so it worked out perfectly. Sharing that lunch at an early age taught me the inordinate pleasure of sharing food with someone you love. If my big brothers were with me, we couldn’t split anything; they’d eat everything on the table anyways, so when it was just us, it felt extra special. Plus my dad would eat my crusts, so it was a win-win.

My better half and I share a lot of food when we dine out. Actually, that sounds like we order the menu and have at it like cattle once it gets to the table. Rather, we share food frequently when we dine out. (Much better!) Not only does it cut way down on calories, but we save a bit of scratch by sharing, as well. When we stay at home and prepare food together, we end up sharing each other’s meals, too. If, for example, we bake flatbreads with our own toppings, we will trade bites back and forth to see whose flatbread is better. It’s fun, and a little competitive, I’ll admit.

This flatbread sandwich, however, is made for just one person. A miniature, quick version of the club sandwich that you can make and enjoy all by yourself. No big bothers, I mean brothers, to steal it off your plate. You know what I mean. Sometimes the circumstances require you to eat a meal all to yourself, and this little flatbread sammy does just that. No sharing allowed. Heat up some soup while you’re making it, play some solitaire while you’re eating it, and call your dad when you’re finished. Just to say “hi!”

-Amy at Flatout

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Thin Crust Hamburger Pizza

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘comfort food?’ Pizza? Hamburgers? If you have diabetes, you may think that you need to avoid these comfort foods or risk an unhealthy spike in blood sugar levels. However with this Thin Crust Hamburger Pizza using Flatout® Flatbread Artisan Thin Pizza Crust you don’t have to worry. With fewer carbohydrates and more protein than a traditional crust, this pizza provides all of the taste you love without the concern of unhealthy rises in blood sugar levels.

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