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Sweet-N-Crunchy Flatbread Wrap

Granola for breakfast may sound healthy, but many granolas are packed full of added sugars. For a child with diabetes, consuming a large bowl of a sugary granola may lead to serious consequences such as elevated blood glucose levels the rest of the day. To enjoy the sweet taste and crunch without the negative health effects, this sweet ‘n crunchy Flatout wrap is the perfect solution. The combination of fresh fruit and fiber-rich Flatout with a just a hint of granola leads to a winning breakfast combination that may promote steady blood glucose levels all day long.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly with Strawberries, Banana and Granola Flatbread Wrap (aka PB&J with SB&G)

PB&J, oh joy! Feel like a kid again! Here at Flatout, peanut butter and jelly gets glamorous with crunchy granola and fresh fruit, rolled up together in our favorite flatbread, and cut into pieces for everyone to share. Warning: it’s the best PB&J you’ll ever have, so be prepared to make a little extra.

The growling stomachs of hungry kids and adults alike will love everything about this update on a classic combination. Whole grain flatbread makes an otherwise guilt inducing sandwich a delicious protein, fruit, and fiber packed powerhouse of a snack that will get you through the afternoon slump and then some.

Our favorite roll, grab, and go recipe uses peanut butter, fresh strawberries, the extra oomph of strawberry jam, slices of ripe banana, and a handful of granola for serious crunch. The video gets the order of things just right so you can roll your flatbread up perfectly for travel, in case you have to eat on the run, which so many of us do.

Of course, you can get creative, too: we love Peanut Butter & Co. Smooth Operator, a creamy peanut butter. Smooth Operator blends 100% USA-grown peanuts with a pinch of salt and cane sugar for a perfect no-stir creamy peanut butter. Add some raspberries and mangoes, or a spicy nut mix chopped up for a hint of savory heat. Flatout flatbread is your creative canvas for all things delicious and snackable, so you’re limited only by your imagination, and what’s in your pantry.

This flatbread wrap can be washed down with a cold glass of your favorite milk, our recommended pairing with this recipe. And if you feel compelled to watch a cartoon or two during the whole process, well, we won’t tell a soul. The peanut butter made you do it.

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