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BAE Breakfast Wrap

Seems like people still use the word “bae” every once in awhile when talking about their significant others. A shortened version of “babe,” most likely, although someone eventually suggested that it may also stand for before anyone else. Well, that sounds a little awkward, too, in my opinion, though I’m hardly the final word on all things on the internet.

If I were, in my book, “bae” would stand for Bacon, Avocado and Egg, the holy trinity of good breakfasts. . Eating breakfast is an important part of having enough energy to having enough energy throughout the day for all the things you need to do. We need it more than coffee, trust me.

Personally, I love some protein in the morning, especially savory protein, so this flatbread wrap gets me super excited to face the day. Juicy cherry tomatoes, (which are so plentiful this time of year) silky avocado, and crispy turkey bacon wrapped around scrambled eggs and tucked into a whole grain flatbread? Breakfast perfection! Cook up some bacon over the weekend, and all you have to do is scramble an egg in the morning.

I roll mine up in some waxed paper to take with me on the way to work, and I have to say, it really travels well! Little kids like these too, which comes in handy if you have to make someone scuttle off to school in a hurry every morning.

Make this wrap for yourself, your bae, your sweetheart, your carpool driver, or your co-worker: basically anyone you know who tends to skip that all-important morning meal. They might just have a better day because of it. Besides, you can say it stands for before anything else, because eating breakfast is that important!

Your flatbread bae,
-Amy at Flatout

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Herbed Omelet Wrap

Need a way to incorporate all those fresh, green summer herbs growing around you everywhere in the garden? Summer is the time to take advantage of all the wonderful flavor herbs can add to your favorite recipes, so grab some scissors and snip, snip, snip some savory greens to add to any meal you make.

If you have a window, you have space to grow even the smallest of kitchen herb gardens right outside on the window sill or ledge. Herbs like to grow packed together, and they all grow pretty harmoniously with one another, so all you have to do is pick your favorites and throw them in some good quality soil. They’ll do the rest and you’ll get to reap the rewards!

Last year, before I had a garden space, I grew all my herbs in window boxes and I loved being able to reach through my window for lemon thyme or fresh oregano when inspiration struck. Now that I have a little more garden space, I’ve added some flowers for the bees, and there’s a bit more balance to things.

Mostly, I’d much prefer to grow things to eat than flowers, but I usually add some color to my window boxes in the way of something effortless and self-maintaining like petunias. I always sneak in some nasturtiums (the flowers and the leaves are edible) and fresh basil in with everything so I can have something edible, too.

Fresh herbs at your beck and call makes me feel so lucky! I’m adding mint leaves to my ice water, fresh basil to my flatbread pizzas, and cilantro to my wraps. This flatbread recipe takes a classic two egg omelet, a smattering of goat cheese, and all the fresh herbs you like, and rolls it up into an easy to eat, delicious whole grain flatbread that you can take with you as a special, anything-but-ordinary breakfast. Feel free to use any herbs you like, get creative!

-Amy at Flatout

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Antipasto Wrap

If you need a little extra zip in the flavor department, look no further than this flatbread recipe! A veritable rainbow of color and taste in each bite, the antipasto wrap uses bold turkey salami and a savory, Italian style chopped salad that’s guaranteed to please.

Last weekend, my better half and I were visiting a friend who had moved to a part of the city we weren’t terribly familiar with. We decided to take a walk and do a little exploring together, and soon enough we found a side street where there was a very small Italian festival happening.

That’s one of the great things about my city; in the summertime, there are way too many fun festivals to attend! You simply cannot keep up! In addition to all the big obvious ones happening, each little neighborhood and street has their own little party, too. There just happened to be a tiny, two block row of Italian restaurants in my friend’s neighborhood celebrating…Italian food, of course. Rows of tables covered with red and white checked tablecloths, a dozen or so fake marble statues of David, and the best Italian street food you could imagine. Fried artichokes, eggplant, arancini, all kinds of delicious stuff being served in paper cups at every booth. Oh, and there isn’t even enough space here to describe all the flavors of gelato they had!

It had been so long since I’d had proper Italian food, eating at this street fest got me in the mood later in the week. I decided to make a healthier wrap using some of my favorite Italian ingredients. After all, I have to wait a whole year for this little festival to happen, so I’d need to find something to tide myself over until then.

Luckily, I think this wrap will fit the bill nicely. I hope you’ll try it! Ahhh, antipasto!

-Amy at Flatout

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Cauliflower Pizza with Chipotle and Lime

Cauliflower is a vegetable that, in my kitchen, can happily take the place of meat any day of the week. Cauliflower is so versatile, you can flavor it up any which way you please with spice rubs, herbs, and marinades, then roast it until tender and voilà, dinner.

There was many a night as a single diner where all I’d eat is a giant cast iron pan filled with sizzling, turmeric dusted, roasted cauliflower for a meal, usually standing at the counter. Well, I wouldn’t eat the pan, but almost…it was that good! If I had known about flatbread then, this pizza would have been on heavy rotation.

This flatbread pizza uses a citrusy, spicy sweet chipotle sauce to flavor the cauliflower before it’s roasted into caramelized perfection. Then it’s topped with a bevy of crispy and vibrant vegetables. This flatbread recipe is basically one giant salad!

Even though purple, orange, and vibrant green Roman cauliflower is all the rage right now, feel free to use trusty white cauliflower in this recipe. It will be easier to find and will soak up the colorful marinade beautifully. Besides, the other stuff, especially the Roman, is so gorgeous all I want to do is gaze at its magnificence- seriously, it’s like a vegetable work of fractal art!

If you’re repelled by cilantro, not to worry, you can make this pizza just as well without cilantro, if you like. Add some extra lime juice, some scallions, or some parsley! The best thing about flatbread is there’s always room to improvise, especially when it comes to flavorful vegetables and herbs!

Go meatless and boost your daily veggies tonight with this new flatbread recipe!

-Amy at Flatout

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TBLT Rollups

How cute are these little flatbread rollups? A super simple riff on a classic BLT, with a bit of extra protein oomph from sliced turkey is a snacker’s dream come true.

I’m finally growing my own tomatoes this year. Every other day I’m over at my community garden plot, weeding, watering and coaxing my tomatoes to grow up, up, up into their sturdy wire cages. I WILL have homegrown tomatoes. There will be no excuses this year! No longer will I pay $8/pound for heirloom tomatoes; I will have my own.

Sigh. If I’m being honest, I probably will end up paying (at least) $8/pound on my own tomatoes, if you count the cost of the garden plot, plants, fertilizer, compost, cages, chicken wire, supplies, not to mention blood, sweat, and tears. But there’s something pretty great about having a little piece of land to call your own, albeit temporarily.

The best thing to do with tomatoes? Duh. A BLT. And an even better thing? The TBLT. This flatbread roll-up makes a lovely breakfast for the savory protein lover, a fail-safe lunch at your desk, or a shareable snack for you and your office mate if you have to work late.

Need a quick appetizer for an impromptu potluck party? Look no further than flatbread and make the TBLT, cut it into slices and hold each piece together with a skewer or toothpick. So much more delicious than most of the stuff that people bring, I guarantee. Few can resist the power of the TBLT! And at 4 SmartPoints® value per serving, why would you?

-Amy at Flatout

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Grilled Jerk Chicken Pizza

The perfect summer chicken pizza is just around the corner with this quick and easy tropical flatbread recipe featuring jerk marinade, mozzarella cheese, and a cool crunchy cucumber relish. Jerk spices traditionally include allspice, (also called pimenton) Scotch Bonnet peppers, thyme, garlic, and chilis; that means this pizza is a little sweet and a lot spicy! But don’t worry, because the cucumber relish that’s spooned over the top after it’s cooked will cool you off nicely. Crank up some Peter Tosh and let’s get busy!

Some of you may already know how fond we are of Jamaican style jerk chicken in my house. We always have our favorite bottle of jerk sauce somewhere in the pantry, ready to marinate some chicken breast on short notice. With the weather being so lovely lately, we’ve been in the habit of making our meals on the grill, especially flatbread pizza!

The same little Russian grocery at the end of my street has, in addition to a huge selection of sardines, a wall of halvah, (I call it a walvah) and a mind-boggling selection of smoked salmon and lox, also oddly has the very brand of jerk sauce we love. I could make my own, but why mess with a great thing? Bottled sauce it is. Easy weeknight dinner!

The cucumber relish was my own stroke of genius, here. Not only did it cool the fire of those Scotch Bonnets off, but it added a really nice dimension of flavor and texture to the flatbread. Cucumbers and radishes are extra tasty right now, so pile your flatbread high with all the vegetables your heart desires! Because your heart does indeed desire vegetables.

Now about that Peter Tosh…

-Amy at Flatout

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Summer Hummus Flatbread

When it’s hot, sometimes it’s tempting to just lounge around like a lizard and order carryout, making someone else do the work. But this recipe beats carryout any day and is the perfect cooling meal after a long, hot commute. All you have to do is grab some flatbread, your favorite hummus, and make a quick little salad of sorts using pickled onions, asparagus, herbs and tomatoes. The grill only has to be on for maybe 5 minutes!

I learned from one of my best friends, Molly, how to make hummus using a thin drizzle of ice water poured slowly into the food processor as the chickpeas are blending. It cuts down on the amount of oil you use, which is always a great thing, but it also makes the hummus super silky and creamy. Try it!

Ricotta salata is made from sheep’s milk, is aged and pressed, resulting in a briny, crumbly, firm white cheese. A little ricotta salata goes a long way, imparting a lot of flavor to this fresh, lemony flatbread. If you can’t find any, use a bit of feta instead.

Stay cool out there, people!

-Amy at Flatout

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Cashew Shrimp Wrap

A perfect summer flatbread wrap, if ever there was one! This wrap is packed with tons of crisp cool veggies and spicy curry shrimp, the ideal lunch or dinner when the weather is blazing and you want something light but interesting to eat.

Lightly dressed ribbon-cut veggies make good options in place of rice noodles in this spring roll inspired meal. In fact, if you have a vegetable noodler, by all means make it work for you here. (I’m waiting to find one at a rummage sale! Someone is bound to get rid of one sooner or later.)

Nuoc cham is the key to this wrap, and a basic one can be found here if you feel like making your own, otherwise store bought is just fine too. Or perhaps you have some left over from last night’s bun, in which case I would applaud your thriftiness!

The last time I made this wrap to bring into work, my co-workers eyeballed it, and, one by one, came up and asked me where the new lunch place was. It makes a delicious first impression, so they were a little jealous that I made it myself, and they couldn’t buy another one that day for their own lunch. I promised that I would share my recipe, though, and after some tweaking and adjusting, here it is. Take that, officemates; the secret is out!

Now that you have the recipe, you can be as stingy or as generous with it as you like. Just make it often, and enjoy!

-Amy at Flatout

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