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Tuna Tacos

Swap out a traditional tortilla for a Flatout wrap when making tacos. This will not only add flavor but it also reduces the amount of carbs and calories. This taco recipe works for a variety of proteins.

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The Green Turkey Wrap

The green dressing used in this wrap really pulls the flavors of the turkey and vegetables together. Plus you’ll have extra dressing to make this again for lunch tomorrow.

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Salmon on Sunday Pizza

Swap out your traditional bagel sandwich for this lower calorie and carb option on a Flatout wrap. Plus nothing says brunch like smoke salmon…especially when it’s on Flatout pizza.

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Tandoori Turkey Quesadilla

Swap your flour tortilla for a Flatout wrap the next time you make a quesadilla to decrease the carbs and calories and increase the taste. These Indian-inspired bites are a perfect lunch or dinner and even a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

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Teriyaki Tofu Wrap

This is a great wrap to make for dinner because it takes a little time to cook the tofu. Or make double and bring the leftovers for lunch the next day. A Flatout filled with protein-packed tofu and tons of vegetables topped with sweet, thick Teriyaki sauce will soon be your go-to meal.

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Flatout Egg Pizza

Our Flatout wraps make it easy to start your day with a satisfying high-protein breakfast. The two types of salsa and runny eggs will reinvigorate your morning routine.

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