StarKist Kids Panini

starkist kids panini

Surf’s up for your favorite kiddo, using wholegrain flatbread and StarKist tuna in this grilled panini that is sure to please your pickiest little minnows. We got extra playful in our kitchen with this flatbread sandwich, made from two Flatout Foldits (there’s extra for sharing!) So cut up some cucumber scales, some red pepper smiles, and make them a lunch that is fun and delicious. Letting kids help you cook goes a long way in getting them to make healthy food choices in the future, and what could be better than that?

StarKist Kids Panini


  • 2 Flatout Foldit flatbreads
  • 1 StarKist Kids Creations Bacon Ranch pouch
  • 3 slices cheese
  • 1/2 tomato, sliced
  • 1 pickle, sliced


Spread tuna and veggies on flatbread, top with cheese, then top with second Flatbread. Cook until crispy in panini press. Decorate by cutting out a mouth and giving the sandwich a tail. Garnish with cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes.

Suggested Flatout: Foldit® - Rosemary & Olive Oil

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