Quick Italian Salami Panini

quick italian salami panini

My best friend, we’ll call her Molly, can eat an entire bag of blue corn tortilla chips in one sitting. My other best friend, we’ll call her Michele, can probably do the same with crispy potato chips. Both of them feel a certain amount of remorse afterwards, as you might imagine. If you’re a savory, salty snacker, chances are good that you can, or have thought about doing, the very same thing with the guilty pleasure of your choice. Nut mix? Pistachios? Wasabi peas? Yup, I got your numbers, savory lovers. I totally understand.

Snacking usually falls into two camps: sweet and savory. This recipe is a savory snack recipe, using flatbread (and no potato chips!) as a vehicle for a quick panini sandwich using salami and giardiniera that goes from fridge to mouth in under a couple minutes, providing you have the press set up and plugged in on your counter. Which you definitely should. That’s why you bought it, right?

I keep a big jar of my favorite spicy giardiniera in the refrigerator at all times for this flatbread. A couple slices of salami, a slice of provolone, and bada-bing!

These thin little flatbreads are big on salty, spicy Italian flavors. I grilled up a tray of them for a football game party (okay, it was the puppy bowl, that counts!) and they disappeared fast on a table groaning with other great looking appetizers. I call that a success!

But more importantly, if that craving for a little meat and cheese comes over you, just reach for the flatbread and make it a snack for one. Paired with a cup of soup or a salad, it’s lunch, but it flies solo well, too. There won’t be any guilt at all because you didn’t eat an entire bag of anything! It’s the little victories.

-Amy at Flatout

Quick Italian Salami Panini


  • 1 Flatout Foldit flatbread
  • 2 thin slices of salami
  • 1 slice of provolone cheese
  • 1 tablespoon giardiniera (spicy or mild)


Preheat panini press. Assemble flatbread sandwich: salami first, then giardiniera, then provolone. Fold the flatbread in half, then cook in panini press until crispy and toasted.

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