Pigs in Blankets

pig in blanket

Now, I like to keep my philosophy about life and the way things work in the world fairly simple. For instance, I’m not one for conspiracy theories of any kind, except one. And, as you might expect, it has to do with food.

I have a somewhat embarrassing confession to make. As a pretty active and experienced home cook, I make a LOT of our household’s meals. My better half gets a great deal, because all he has to do is enjoy the spoils, before they spoil. We rarely eat out, not only to keep to a budget, but because we enjoy staying at home where there’s a grill, a cool stereo and our two dogs. But for all my cooking, my darling better half craves….hot dogs. There, said it. He has loved them all his life. At first I was confused when I always saw hot dogs in his refrigerator, I assumed they were for his little boy. But no, this grown man, my boyfriend, would eat them for lunch, dinner, almost every day, if I let him. I was floored. Thank goodness I introduced him to flatbread and started cooking for us, right?

Right. Well, truth be told, he still buys hotdogs. But here’s where the conspiracy lies: there was ALWAYS an uneven number of hot dogs and buns in our household. Every. Single. Time. That would propel my better half to go buy either more dogs, or more buns, which would further prolong the constant unequal dog:bun ratio. It was maddening, driving me to even eat a bun-less hotdog after awhile, just to even things out. I mean, why couldn’t the hot dog and the bun companies sell the same quantities of the products that are MEANT to be paired up? Then two things dawned on me. 1. They meant to perpetuate the ratio so we’d just buy more of their products. 2. I could beat them at their own game with flatbread. Flatbread!

Boom. Enter the Pig in Blanket. Flatbread don’t care if you use it with a hotdog one day, or a chicken salad with kale and quinoa the next. Hot dog buns, well, they’re only for hot dogs. The never ending bags of hot dog buns on our counter has been replaced with a single package of flatbread, waiting to be used for anything we give it.

So end the madness at your house and make these stylish, leaner pigs in blankets for the adult, the child, or the adult child in your life. #FlatbreadFTW.
Amy at Flatout

Pigs in Blankets


  • 1 Flatout flatbread
  • 2 slices of American cheese
  • 2 hot dogs
  • yellow mustard, for dipping


Preheat oven to 375°F. Cut the flatbread in half down the middle so that each half gets a rounded side. Place one slice of cheese in the center of each half, then place the hot dog on the cheese and roll up from either side, securing with a toothpick if necessary. (Trim if necessary to accommodate different sizes of dogs.) Bake on a small cookie sheet for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and hotdog is hot. Remove from oven and serve with your favorite mustard.

Suggested Flatout: ProteinUp - Core12, The Original

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