Hummus and Veggie Foldit

hummus & veggie foldit 1

Hummus and veggies go together like summer Fridays and sunny weather. This quick and easy sandwich is a great snack and a perfect way to combine the vegetables you have in your fridge. You can stack as many as you like into a sweet Hawaiian Foldit because of its very own backstop.

Serves: 1
Prep Time:

Hummus and Veggie Foldit


  • 1 Sweet Hawaiian Foldit
  • 1/3 cup hummus
  • 2 carrot slices
  • 2 roasted red pepper slices
  • 2 cucumber slices
  • 2 pepper slices


On one side of the Foldit, spread the hummus. Top with the vegetables. Fold the flatbread in half.

Suggested Flatout: Foldit® - Sweet Hawaiian

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